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missycc4 - February 22

I'm 39 weeks and 5 days. I had a Dr. appt Monday and told my Dr about my swollen feet and that I have not been feeling well. I threw up Friday and getting dizzy. I get hot and I found that one of the sign is that you can't catch your breath. Which that is a BIG one for me. She didn't seem to worry. My blood pressure was 102 over 60 which is great. I've looked up pre-eclampisa and I have a few signs but no protein and pressure is fine. could this be something I should be worried about. I don't see my Dr. agian until the 28th


lolita - February 22

You are probably fine I think the blood pressure and the protein are the main symptoms, because all your other symptoms sound like normal pregnancy symptoms. I just got checked because my feet were swollen and I was seeing shooting stars which is a sign but my blood pressure and protein was fine.


jessica72 - February 23

I know many women who get swollen close to or at the end of pregnancy. I agree with Lolita if your bp and urine are fine, you're probably out of the woods. I am 29 weeks and am also seeing shooting stars on occasion. Lolita, do you see them often? I also get these darn headaches, but my bp has been okay at every appt. and I have no other swelling or symptoms..It just seems like some of the pre-eclampsia symptoms are also lumped into normal pregnancy symptoms. ugh!


ashleyb0827 - February 23

If your blood pressure is that good, no pre eclampsia ... i think that's probably the main sign. My blood pressure last time i went to the doctor was 150/101 & before that was 140/82 ... and i think my doc said i had MILD pre eclampsia but they're not concerned about it "yet" & i just have limited activities.


missycc4 - February 23

Update, I went to the Dr. today. Everything is great. Blood pressure was 100/50 and gained another lb and a half in 4 days which I'm not to happy about. I'm getting so BIG. I am in a lot of pain and my feet and hands are still puffy. But I'm going to see my Dr again in 5 days. I'm not dehydrated so that a very good thing.



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