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falafal0 - October 30

I'm 36 wk 5 days and my midwife says I may have pre-eclampsia due to high blood pressure which was fine two weeks ago, a bit of swelling and headaches. I thought the headaches were because I transcribe so i'm always looking at a computer screena nd the swelling because of the warmer weather now we're in spring. But I feel okay apart from being so very tired. But there's only a few weeks left (even though I feel I'll go early this time - please!) anyone had any experience with pre-eclampsia, out of curiosity?


Anathi - October 30

Consider it luck coz it happened at almost full term so ur Dr may put u on bed rest till at least 38 comes than deliver you. All you need to do at this point is to stay calm becoz the stressed u become the more the BP goes up, my baby could'nt even make it last year 07Sept she stopped growing at 24 weeks and they tried me with the steriod shot for her lungs to function but still did not work instead the BP went higher as I was streesing over this coz only my legs were swollen and once had that pain on my upper abdomen which made me to stress to much coz the they people I was with at the Hospital were so serious than I thought I was. I mean just try to cool down so the Meds can help u to rearch full term so you could have a healthy baby.Hope this will help you! : > )


LinLaceie - October 30

I had Pre Eclampsia and delivered my son via C-section 11 weeks before his due date. I had swelling and and high blood pressure (in the 200's) and only an occasional headaches (like 2 my whole pregnancy and they were b___hes) I was 29w2d when i had my son. I even had an appt. earlier in the week and everything came out ok. I had been swelling for 3 weeks before hand, but my urine was protien free, Then one day I went into work and was having trouble breathing (mind you i hadn't felt my son move in 5 days when this happened) so I went into L&D and they hooked me up, bout 6 hours later I was rushed to a hospital about 45 minutes away and had him at 9:30pm. My BP was in the 200's and would not come down. I was in ICU for 7 days because of my BP. It's no joke, it's scary and it creeps up on you. Even when you have the symptons and you think you're fine and you have it under control, 1 day it proves you wrong. Just be careful, if she says you have it, believe her and do what she says. (the Dr.) GL with it and I hope everything turns out for the better.


falafal0 - October 30

Wow, those stories freaked me out! LinLaceie, you had your baby at 29 weeks? Geez. You sounded so seriously sick. How was your baby with the Pre-eclamsia? Anathi, I don't really feel stressed, but emotional (if that makes sense). I knew it wasn't a good thing to have eith er pre-eclampsia or eclampsia but I didn't realise HOW serious it was. She's coming back in two days to check my BP again and we'll go from there. Wow, again with your epxeriences, I hope things are going well for you all now. GL.


January - October 30

11yrs ago I had my son at 35wks 3days and also had pre-eclampsia. I'm surprised at the stage you are at that they don't just induce you.


Tory1980 - October 30

I am surprised they haven't already induced you. Pre-eclampsia is a bit of a sneak and can actually show with very little symptoms. You feeling well is normal - you don't have to feel sick in order for there to be a problem. I was in with a woman who was 36 weeks, all had been well in the pregnancy, she didn't have headaches but a little swelling (again she put it down to warmer weather) but on her routine check-up that day she had her blood pressure through the roof, a trace of protein in her urine and they took her straight up to the ward to be induced that evening. It is quite serious for both mother and baby but the doctor seems to have found it quickly and that is only a good thing. If you do have any headaches, or more swelling go straight to the hospital. It isn't worth just puting it off. Are you in Australia? Just wondering with the mention of Spring when winter is definitely here in Northern Ireland! Good luck and I hope all is well with the rest of your pregnancy.


LinLaceie - October 30

My son is still in the hospital he is 2 months old and hasn't even been home yet. He weighed 2lbs5oz and now he weighs 7lbs8oz and is pretty much an oinker. He is doing really well. And as far along as you are, I'm sure your baby is doing well also. All I keep telling myself is, even with the C-Section and pre-eclampsia, I must have done something right for 29weeks for him to be as healthy as he is now! He should be home in less than 2 weeks (we're hoping this weekend) take care of yourself and if you feel like something is wrong, any little thing, tell your Dr., be careful!!


Malica - October 30

Dear me, those *are* scary stories. I'll add mine -- hopefully your story turns out more like mine! At my 36 week check-up I had high BP, protein in my urine, and excessive swelling which, until just the day before I'd attributed to the heat (it would otherwise go down a lot at night then get worse throughout the day). My doctor told me to go pick up a few things from home and to head to the hospital. He'd call ahead and they would be expecting me. It was quite a shock to say the least! I'd only bought the crib the weekend before and it wasn't even a__sembled. I figured like every other first-timer I would be slightly overdue! <p> So the hospital gave me a shot of steroids for the baby's lungs as soon as I arrived, just in case they needed to deliver right away/early. They did a bunch of tests on the baby to see if she was ready to be born, as well as tests on both of us to see how we were doing to make sure that we were both still ok. I was on strict bedrest in the hospital for a week when they decided that since the baby was ready to be born and my condition wasn't getting any better, that it would be better to induce. So Ivy Catherine was born at 37 weeks, weighed 7lbs 7oz. She had a little problem sucking, but other than that did excellent. I was kept an extra day because (unrelated) I lost more blood than I should have, but Ivy was given the thumbs up to leave as soon as mom was ready. As scary as it can be, if closely monitored you should have any problems. Good luck


staci - October 30

No experience here, but wanted to say hi! Haven't heard from you in a while. Are you still in alot of pain? I know earlier on your pelvis was hurting pretty bad. Let us know how things go falafal! Best wishes!


falafal0 - October 31

Hi staci, still a cripple, finding it very hard. Been very busy with work, trying to get as much in as possible before baby is born, so I've been on here less. I guess because it's the first time my BP has been anything but normal, it's okay. But I defintely will be looking forward to see her in a couple of days. Getting bad heaches but I'm sure seeing it all differently this time. Tory1980, I'm in Perth, Australia. I don't see many people here from Oz. it's the first time I heard a bout membrane sweeps was from the US women when I was on here with last baby! You guys are teaching me things! And Linlacie, how excited you must be to get your lo home soon. What a journey..Malcia, I'm glad things are going well for you now. What a trip you've been on too. I hope I don't have any problems from now on, that things will be okay when she comes back. Protein in urine visit before last, but not this time.But from your experiences, it doesn' thave to be both at the same time. Hmmm. Got lots of questions to ask my midwife. I'll eep you posted Adios girls! Keep smiling, eating and counting down those seconds, I've got 22 days left utnil EDD. Yay!


melissa w. - October 31

i have a question for u i'm 37 weeks n 4 days i went to the docs a couple days ago and i had traces of protein in my urine but my blood pressure was fine.. but the last 2 days i've had a headace all day and my legs are swollen.. they had to send my urine out to be tested do u think i can still have pre eclampsia or something else i'm really scared.. i havent heard from the doc n my appt is tommorrow


LinLaceie - October 31

You could have pre-eclampsia. I would be careful and tell your doc to watch it carefully. If you are seeing stars with your headaches that is another major sympton of pre-eclampsia along with swelling and high BP and protien in urine, but like everyone here has said, it doesn't have to ALL happen at once, in can be 1 thing, or it can be most of it. Just have to watch it ALL carefully.


Anathi - November 1

Ladies I'm so scaed that lately my legs have this swollen feeling actually are swollen at the end of the day but when I elevate they become fine could it mean there is something again this time around. My next ER visit will be on the 20th and kind of scared. When I used my BP monitor my BP is fine I dont know about other symptoms no headache, no funny vision , no protein on my urine, no pains on my fundus and no high BP I hope its just part normall pregnancy symptomps as weeks go by I'm only 27w,5days


Anathi - November 1

Wow I'm from the clinic and I'm just fine its just the hot weather.


LinLaceie - November 1

Glad to hear it Anathi, just keep a good eye on any other symptons. I was swollen for 3 weeks prior and they told me to cut down on my salt intake and I did, but it didn't help, I just got worse. then my BP skyrocketed. So just be careful and keep an eye on everything GL!! :)


DaBonkElsMe - November 1

There is a difference between edema and pre-eclampsia. Most women experience edema at some point during pregnany. that's just the swollen feet, ankles, and calves. Mine get swollen by the end of each day and by the end of the week, my feet are terrible! It can get pretty bad if you're on your feet alot or if you eat alot of salt. But it is not dangerous (most of the time). Drinking lots of water helps! Pre-Eclampsia is accompanied by high blood pressure and protein in your urine, and it's usually more than just your feet and legs that swell. Normally, with pre-eclampsia, your hands and face swell up too. Of course tell your doctor even if it's just your feet and ankles, but if your blood pressure and urine tests come back normal, you probably have nothing to worry about.


jenna32 - November 2

the good news is that even if they have to induce you,you are practically considered full term anyway,the baby has a excellent chance of being fine i'd think. i am wondering the same thing,she said my blood pressure is good but for the first time she said they found some protein in my urine today,i'm in about the same week as you!



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