Pre Eclampsia Of A JUNE Mommy

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Renee-Marie - May 9

For those of you who have been following me, and know that I have been on bedrest and taking muscle relaxers for hte past month, I have a new update. Apparently my blood pressure has been slowly rising the last few visits, so my doctor said that I should stop taking the muscle relaxers now. Those pills do cause your BP to rise, but only very slightly. Since my BP was rising a bit more than he would have liked, and since I'm at 34 weeks, the benefits of the muscle relaxers are being outweighed by the risks. He performed a test and I am showing signs of toxemia AKA Pre-eclampsia. I am now to visit the doctor twice a week (going again this friday) to monitor this new issue. Since the only cure to pre-eclampsia is ending the pregnancy, it is very likely that I will be induced in a week or two. Can you believe this? So far I feel fine, but without taking the muscle relaxer, my contractions are sure to return. I am due to take another pill right about now, and since I can't this afternoon/evening should be fun. *sigh..... Overall, I'm in good spirits. :-) But I am nervous about an induction. PLEASE LEVEL WITH ME - DOES INDUCTION HURT?


Nita_ - May 9

Hi Renee-Marie, sorry to hear about the pre-eclampsia but glad that your dr caught it and is taking the necessary action. And overall you said you are in good spirits, thats great! Very happy to hear! :) Do you have everything ready for your baby and also your hospital bag? Have them setup and you'll be all set to see your baby come home! Good luck and keep us posted!


tlew - May 9

Hi Renee-Marie its a good thing that your dr found out about this early. My sister was induced last Nov. b/c she was a high-risk. She was in a lot of pain when they gave her the pitocin and ended up getting an epidural after that she was fine and jokin with us. her labor was kind of long, but the end result was well worth the wait. Hope this helps Good luck :) Please keep us posted. and no matter what you will always be a June mommy :) :)


Chrissy - May 9

Hi Renee-Marie-- I find out tomorrow if I am going to be induced because of my BP and level of amniotic fluid. I will let you know what I find out. I'm at 37 weeks this Thursday. I am sooo nervous about induction too and thought my water would have broken bynow because of my cervix. Not that I want to go super early, but would so much rather have it all happen naturally than go the inducing route. I guess it's out of my hands, but I'll let you know after tomorrow! :)- C


Renee-Marie - May 9

Thanks TLEW, I smiled when you said I'd always be a "June Mommy". Thanks Nita_, I do have my hospital bag made up, as well as a bag for baby. I'm so nervous. I know it sounds crazy, but I don't know if I am ready yet! Chrissy, please keep us informed of your situation as well. I will do the same. But no one has answered my question yet.... Does Induction Hurt???? Thanks!


Chrissy - May 9

I have heard good and bad. Some people say the contractions are more painful from pitocin! I hope not since I might have to go through it in the next few days!


Dia_ - May 9

Hey Girl! Yuk - sorry to hear about that, but it is very exciting that you might meet you little one soon! However, I may be moving to be a "May mommy" with you! That would be neat since we have been following each other through myspace since the beginning! I went to my 35 week appt today and my doc is wanting to strip my membranes in about 2 weeks to jumpstart labor (as I will be full term/37 weeks) because she is going out of town and really wants to be the one to deliver me. Since I have had a completely by-the-book, problem free pregnancy she doesn't think this will be a problem. She is planning on stripping them at the end of 37 weeks, so technically I will be 38 weeks (Week of May 26). Crazy!!! Congrats and lets hope if you do go into labor soon that baby is finished baking - I am sure you will be fine! Enjoy your last couple days with DH just be the two of you :) I will be thinking of you!!!!!


Jamie - May 10

I just wanted to give you some hope. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 30 weeks. The doctor who diagnosed it wanted to do an emergency c-section then and there - I refused, and went to a different hospital the next day, to get a second opinion. The second doctor said that while she agreed with the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia, she felt that with careful monitoring and bedrest, we could give my little girl a little bit more time inside. I only got out of bed to pee, and I had to collect my urine for weekly 24 hour protein tests; I also had my BP and platelets checked weekly, as well as weekly NSTs and ultrasounds to check for fluid levels and baby's growth. It sucked, and I got to know everyone at that hospital really well, but I stayed pregnant for 7 more weeks, and delivered a full-term 8 lb 1 oz healthy baby girl.


Renee-Marie - May 10

Just an update.... so far, I am not having any contractions...sometimes I feel uncomfortable, but no contractions. I am doing the 24 hour urine collection for a___lysis (FUN)! If I have to be induced, I am not terribly worried since I will be 35 weeks at the earliest.


Chrissy - May 10

Hi Renee, You sympathized with me last week when I had to do the awful collection, so now I sympathize with you! It'snot tooo bad except kinda gross to think about and you feel tied to the toilet. Plus it made it seem like I had to go even more than usual! Weird! Well I have news too! I am getting induced next Wed the 17th. I'll be one day shy of 38 weeks. One week to go!!


Jilloh - May 10

my induction didnt hurt, its just an iv!



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