Pre Eclampsia Questions

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Trish# - July 2

I am concerned that I may be developing pre-eclampsia. My BP was elevated at my appt on Friday. It is usually freakishly low, has been around 112/66ish prior to and during pregnancy (until now). Friday it measured 149/84. I've been told to monitor it and Sat. it was 141/83 and today it was 145/84. No protein in my urine (per the pee-on-a-stick-test), which I know is required to have pre-e. But I have gained 6lbs this week and developed some swelling. My dr. said that if my BP gets over 150 on the top or 90 on the bottom to call. I guess I'm just wondering if you think I'm heading in the pre-eclampsia direction? Is the only way to treat this bed-rest until delivery? If you have or have had pre-e, what happened? I am 32wk. Thanks for your insight and advice!!


Tanna - July 2

Well 112/66ish is not freakishly low, more like good. If you do have hypertension due to pg, there are a number of ways to deal with it, ultimately though, if they cannot bring high numbers down with meds or bedrest, the only true way to get rid of it is to have your baby.


Karen_Fletcher - July 2

have u been using any medicine recently? mine is about as low as yours (110/60) but when i went to see the midwife last it was 130/75, but i have been using ventolin and things like this can raise it as it makes your heart beat faster, im trying not to use it now as i would like an accurate reading when i go next week. Good luck :o)


Kara H. - July 2

I am in the same boat at 33wks. I was 150/90 with no protein in the urine, so they made me lay down for 30 mins and it came down to 135/87. I was told to keep monitoring it. If it went above 140/90 again, I had to go in for a protein check. But if there was no protien and just high BP, the would restrict my duties at work and put me on BP meds. If there was protein, then I would be on formal bedrest and BP meds. If it still stayed elavated, then they would admit me to the hospital to bring it down. Once I hit 35wks then they would induce. BTW they did not volenteer all this info, I asked what the plan of action would be.


Betsy - July 2

I just found out I have pre-eclampsia on Friday. My BP had been running high over the last few dr's visits (140ish/75) and got up to 158/92 where i'm usually lower like you. I don't have protein in my urine yet, but at the hospital they ran blood work and found out that I have it. I also have extremely swollen feet and legs that haven't gone away by elevating my feet. And they are even more swollen when I wake up in the morning. I am 35 weeks right now and they put me on bedrest trying to get me at least another week for the babies (I have twins). I did have that hunch I was developing pre-eclampsia too, so keep a really good eye on it. Good luck!


brandy0903 - July 2

My pre-e turned into to e with my son. Before it was over I went into a coma for 36 hours. Here is a list of things that happened that they did not tell me to watch for: 1. the worst heartburn/acid reflux that would not go away for anything (this is acctually the toxins building up in your body) 2. visual disturbances: I would think that I saw something like a mouse run across the floor but there was nothing there. I would also see what I called "dancing" lights, I do not know how to explain this but it was lights in the air that seemed to sparkle and float from one area to another. 3. the swelling was bad. not just in my feet and ankles but also in my hands and face. 4. my thoughts (brain activity) was very slow, I had a hard time getting thoughts across and I even got lost on the way home from work and had to stop and call my husband {yes I was in tears and scared to death, I didn't drive after that}. It wasn't until the very last that I had protein in my urine and I was only 18 yrs old and had no idea that I should have been telling the dr about all of the above and they had been monitoring my bp but it also did not get over the 150/90 mark until the end and at that point the dr had me rushed to the hospital and induced labor. I delivered my son about 12hrs later and then slipped away into a coma. I really had a great dr and he was able to save my son and myself. (he did break my sons collarbone but he saved his life so I am not complaining and now that my son is 9 he thinks it is cool cause it made him double jointed)


3babies - July 3

Hi Trish, I had pre-e with my first and then pregnancy induced hypertension with my second and third (no protein present). I have had to take BP medication during each pregnancy which is very safe, and hasnt been shown to be harmful, so dont be scared to take it if prescribed. I can say to watch out for all of those symptoms, but I have to admit with my first I had BP greater than 160/110, and I didnt feel unwell at all. The best thing is doing what you are ie: monitoring your pressure and resting. Although bedrest may not bring your pressure down, think of it as improving the blood flow to your baby. (The high pressure can cause the placenta to not function well). You are at a good gestation at least, and with a doctor monitoring it you are in a much better position than sudden onset. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to buy a few extra weeks with rest and/or medication. To rea__sure you, my pressure always started rising around 23 weeks, but I have got to 35 and 38 weeks. This time around I am almost 36 weeks, and we will do a c/s just before 38 weeks. Best of luck and re: swelling, its more relevant to BP if in the hands and face, not so much feet.



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