Pre Natal Classes

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newmomma32 - May 8

hey, We were not sure if we wanted to do prenatal classes, and may not be able to join one. I am not getting a c-section. has anyone here not gone to these classes? thanks.


wv_red - May 8

When are you due? I did the lamaze cla__s and enjoyed it, it was educational for sure if not anything else.


ejmeskan - May 8

I would say do it if you can. Like wv-red said, it is educational. I can tell you that when I was actually IN labor and breathing and such I didn't stop and think "hmmm what did they tell me in cla__s?" BUT it was extremely helpful getting me ready and helping me understand exactly what was going on with my body when I was in labor. I will just say that my girlfriend had her baby 3 mo after me and I was in the room with her and she hadn't done cla__s and you could tell, she was extremely nervous, uptight, not understanding what was happening to her BUT I think it also depends on the hospital and cla__s you know- Our hospital walked through everything step by step including bringing the doc in to tell you exactly what can happen during the delivery and showing what forceps looked like, what the thing looked like to break your water, ect.


ejmeskan - May 8

Oh and b___stfeeding cla__s was a TOTAL waste of time and money for us. My son took 10 days before he would latch on and I really think that going to that cla__s put more fear in me than anything, like "I am not feeding him enough, it isn't what is supposed to happen, ect" fortunately after the first 1.5 weeks it was wonderful and nursing went great...just a little food for thought!


mom_of_1 - May 8

I was really glad I took the cla__s also. Me and DH learned a lot. Although there was a lot I already knew also. It helped us a ton during labor. My dh even used breathing techniques they taught for me and it made all the difference. I wasnt aware before of the tools and things they used, so getting to see them before being to the point of them using them was great.


Patience2008 - May 8

If you know where you are delivering, TAKE THEIR CLASSES. It was so great to know exactly how the hospital did everything specifically so I knew their procedures for all the normal stuff and the what ifs. It really put my mind at ease because I was more terrified of going to the hospital than of being in labor. I know it sounds weird but I feel so out of control with docs. Sorry I sound so pushy, its just better to be educated than scared.


Mely12 - May 8

I had someone come to my house and give me cla__ses on labor, b___st feeding and new born care. The labor cla__s was ok but most of the things they told me I already knew, I like to read a lot and watch a lot of doc_mentaries and such so the didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know. The newborn cla__s was also a waste of time because i've been around a lot of newborns and also knew everything they talked about. So I feel than those cla__ses were more for rea__surance than a big help. I just showed me that I was well informed and that I can do it when the time comes.


sarah21 - May 8

I went and I was a little more comfortable with the process but really it helped DH a lot more than me. Also just make sure you educate yourself on c-sections just in case. I was planning on a natural birth at a birthing center but my baby was diagnosed with SVT in the womb (heartrate was in the 270's) so I had an emergency c-section and I wished I had educated myself more about what was going to happen to my body.


newmomma32 - May 13

I'm freaking out! I am on a waiting list now---and doubt I will get into a cla__s--my due date is June 21---HELP!


ejmeskan - May 13

You will be fine. Just start doing prenatal research online. Have your DH join you on some possible online webinars or videos. Honestly they didn't even show us how to breath in our cla__s. It was more to prepare us for what was going to happen. I would either try to get into another hospital's cla__s or just do your research online. Good luck!!!



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