Pre Registering At The Hospital

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Cteel - February 22

When is a good time to preregister? This is my first and I am 30 weeks. What all do you need for it?


JennyC - February 22

my clinic had me pre-register at the hospital when I joined the clinic - so like at 8 weeks! I think its so that when you go in, you only have to do a minimal amount of paperwork before they admit you. They will already have you in their system with lots of the info. I'm all for the least amount of paperwork while I'm in labor as possible!


Maria - February 22

My Dr. gave me the paper work to mail in at 7 months pregnant.


JennyC - February 22

oh - I misread your 2nd question, sorry. My pre-register stuff asked for my name, address, fathers name, address, , name of doctor & clinic, name of pediatrician, insurance info, info about the new baby's SSN. That's all I can think of right now.


Cteel - February 22

Thank you guys for your help I will contact someone to get this set up now. Is there something we need to do for the Baby's SSN before she gets here?


JennyC - February 22

I don't think so. my packet just asked if we wanted them to get a card for her when she's born. I just checked yes because it sounded easier than doing it myself. I'm not sure what else will be involved with it. sorry i'm not more help


Kel - February 22

I haven't done it yet, I was given the paper when I went to my first appointment when I first became pg, but I didn't do it right away. I actually filled out the paperwork yesterday and have an appointment with my doc tomorrow after, so I'll ask him exactly what I need to do with it then. Your ob's office can probably point you in the right direction. As far as the baby's SSN number, I think they give you all the paper work for that kind of stuff I believe they give you in the hospital. At least that is what I was told for my hospital.


ginny - February 22

My doc's office told me to mail it in by the time I'm 28 weeks. That is about where I am in my pregnancy, and my husband has lost the!! I will have to ask the doc for a new one next time I go in.


KelyFranz - February 22

My doc had me register at the end of my 6th month, so I registered at the end of Jan. I'm also 30 weeks, so you could register at any time.


val - February 22

I don't have to pre-register, my dr. office takes care of all that for me. All I have to do for the hospital is go in and have a baby!


Tess - February 22

Ive pre-registered long time ago (when I was still in my 1st tri) during my 1st prenatal care my Dr. gave me the paper works for the hospital that Im plannin to deliver my baby. I got it all done. All you have to do is provide them w/ your insurance info. when is your estimated due date and ofcourse where are you plannin to deliver your baby (which hospital) they asked you to preregister ASAP so by the time you are ready you dont have to mess w/ those paper works.


pbj - February 22

When you have your baby there will be papers to complete in which you will apply for a social security card and it will then be sent to you within 60 days.


Monique - February 23

My doc handed me the pre-registration packet at about 19 weeks....



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