Pre Term Labor

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Dani - November 17

About 2 wks ago I went into pre-term labor. I was 31 wks. I was having contrations 1 minute apart. I was given a shot to stop contrations, and a pill for side affects caused by the shot. I didnt get checked at the hospital for dialation, but have been very pressury. I have felt like my pelvic bone is seperating. I had a doc appart the following Friday and my Dr. didnt seem concerned about pressure. She didnt check me either..? Im just affraid that w/ pre-term labor and all the pressure and crampy( it hurts so bad sometimes that i cant walk) that im dialating. anyone have a similar story and have dialation accure w/ pre-term labor?


to dani: - November 17

I have not. But, I think it is very odd that nobody has checked your cervix! I would call the doctor and be seen. Good luck.


Dani - November 17

I did go see my Dr. 4 days later. She is a very good Dr. but this time as much as i kept saying, and my mother kept asking if i needed checked she said, she is sure im OKAY ... When will they start checking me, normally? Like if i wernt having problems? Do you know? Thanks for your response


mom to be - November 18

I hear they start checking at 35-36 weeks unless there is reason for concern they may check early.


Jennifer - November 18

I am at risk for pre-term labor. I am 32 weeks pregnant and i foud out last night that i am 1 centimeter dilated. How long will it take for me to complete dilation? Is my baby at risk?


Brooke - November 18

I am 31 weeks pregant and I starting having the pressure at 26 weeks and was put on strick bedrest. My doctor checks me every week. You need to checked to make sure that you are not dialating or that your cervix is shortening. Make sure that you really take it easy and lay down. I don't feel the pressure when I lay down, but as soon as I walk around, I can feel the baby drop. You are having major signs that the baby could come early. I hope you have a good doctor.


MAMA - November 21



A - November 22

Cervical checks can cause you to dilate and increases the risk of possible infection. That might be why yours hasn't checked. Even being high risk of preterm labor they don't check you (typically) until 34 weeks or later.


Pam - November 25

I'm 27 weeks and started having sympoms of preterm labor which, after an 11 day stay at the hospital, were caused by 2 kidney stones. I have what they called high frequency low amplitude contractions which don't cause cervical changes, or at least havent yet. I take terbutaline every 6 hours and on 12/5 my doctor is going to start the steroid treatment for her lungs in case the remaining stone causes me to go into labor. My doctor does this test...fetal fibronectin that, if negative, is reliable as a predictor that you will not go into labor in 10 or so days. I am on partial bedrest. My doctor is aggressive.I suggest that you have your doctor test you and see at least every two weeks. You deserve to be carefully monitored!


Dani - November 26

Thanks Ladies for all your replies :) Things went fine untill Tuesday afternoon. My hubby & I took a road trip about 4-5 hrs away and was headed back. I started having contractions again 2 hrs from home. The road between here and where we were is out in the middle of no where. My hubby was determined to stop at there local hospital. I just wanted to get home so i could see my own dr. and my own hospital. These pains were so much harder then the ones at 31 wks... I thought I was going to die. They hooked me up and i was having them 1 min apart again, and stronger and more then anyone at 33 wks should be having. The Dr. on call ordered one shot of turbutaline and a v____al exam ( the first i had, and i had to go out of town, lol to get.) I was 60-70% effaced. and said i was thinning but not dialating. the contractions stopped for 15 mins and picked back up. Another shot i got. Contractions stopped and they kept me there for 2 hrs.. they slowly started coming back but not strong enough or close enough to give me anything. they rechecked my cervix to make sure no changes. we got out of the hosp. at 1 a.m and drove home. we drove really slowly cuz we were tired and didnt get home till 4 am. i woke up w/ horrible contractions again. I called the Dr., the hosp ppl said that i needed to see my Dr. ASAP. But she didnt return my call till the office closed and she sent me to the hosp. NOW IM ON BEDREST, what do i do? I thought i wanted rest, now i got it and i have so much i dont know what to do. What is the difference between shortening/effacment.. same right? thats what the nurse said... and what comes first..? shortening or dialating.? How far behind effacing does dialation come? Im not due till Jan 9th, think ill make it?


Gina - November 26

Hi Dani. I am so sorry you are having so much trouble. I guess that baby wants to meet you! As far as dialation after effeacement....It is good your not opening. I am having my 5th baby and 35 weeks and only 30% effaced and barely dialated at all. I have tons of BH and thought for sure I was opening. The doc said it can happen all at once and does not have to happen concurrently or in any sequence. I hope you make it farther so the babys lungs can mature. Watch lots of the Birth Day show!



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