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:) - October 1

Hi ladies, I am 33 weeks pregnant and was just told by my doctor that I have early signs of preeclampsia. I was just wondering if anyone has also gone through this. My doc hasn't put me on bedrest yet, but i see her tuesday and will be checked again. Let me know.


Brachah - October 1

how weird to see this thread ... i am also 33 weeks with signs of preeclampsia ... however, i am in the hospital. here is what happened ... tuesday i went in for a level II us and they commented that my bp was 142/92 and acted like it was no big deal, but i knew that i had always ran a bp around 112-118/78-82 ... so i called my reg doc ... i was sent to the hospital for bp observation and now several days later i find myself fully admitted ... it is such a long story ... i'll tell you more if you want to know about it ... but i do know they are wanting to take the baby at 35 weeks ... everything is upside down right now and i am scared.


holly:) - October 1

Hi Brachah. Thank you for responding. I am sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. When i went to see my dr. my bp was 127/85. I didn't think much of it but my doc said all my other checks were around 112/74. I have quite a bit of swelling and have traces of protein in my urine. I have been trying to stay positive because stress isn't going to help me out. However, I fully understand you being scared. I think you should try to stay as positive as you can. We can't control what our bodies want to do, but keeping our spirits up will help. I think it's great that your doctors are taking such precaution. My older sister had preeclampsia with her first, and she ended up in the last stage calle HEELP syndrome(which is not where we want to be). I am sure that won't happen to you because you are being closely monitored. I know your baby will be perfect even at 35 weeks. I will be thinking of you.


Tiffany - October 2

Hey guys I am 40 weeks and 2 days. I showed signs they thought of preclampsia in the beginning. I had swelling in my feet and hands real bad. It is to the point that you can see white dots in my hand from the circulation being cut off. I also had trace protein. The doctor said it is normal to shed a small amount of protein during pregnancy. About the blood pressure issue. Mine would go up and down. I think that I thought about it too much. If mine would have been 127/85, my doctor wouldn't be worried. He has me coming in 2 times a week to keep a close eye on my values. So I am in the clearing now!! Good Luck to both of you and I know it helps knowing that everyone else is going through similar things as you!


R - October 2

I feel like I have signs of preeclampsia (my mom had it when she was pregnant also), but my doc doesn't seem worried about it. Over the last week and a half I have had severe swelling in my lower legs and feet. I've had swelling during the entire pregnancy, but not like this. It hurts to walk, it hurts to bend my toes and I feel tingling when I walk (like my feet are "waking" up, but they never fell asleep). Also, at my last appointment my blood pressure was 112/74. This sounds good to a "normal" person, but I have hypotension. So my blood pressure average is about 95/60, so for me that was high. My doctor seemed to just dismiss it as nothing. Also, my mom told me that you tend to not pee as often. Well, over the last week I've went from peeing ever 1-2 hours and 4-5 times a night to only peeing every 4-5 hours and 1-2 times a night......My baby has dropped, so I can't explain why I'd be peeing so little. I've also been noticing that over the last week, his movements have been less and less. There were two days straight that I didn't feel him move at all until I went to bed and layed down. Even then I barely felt him. But, the third day, I felt him moving everywhere. Now, we're back to nothing. I have an appointment tomorrow, but I'm worried. What do you guys think? Am I being overly paranoid? Do I have a legitimate reason to be concerned????


Tiffany - October 2

Hey R of course you have a legitimate reason to worry this is your baby!! One of the most importanf things is to make sure your baby is moving that is what he always tells me. I would bring up your concerns at the doctors appointment. Tell him how concerened you are. It is your baby and any doctor should listen to the patient and be aware of how you feel. Have you had any protein in your urine?? How far along are you??


R - October 2

Tiffany, I don't know about the protein. They test my pee at every appointment, but they've never said anything was wrong. I am 39.2 weeks.


Tiffany - October 2

R- That is a good thing if they haven't mentioned it. The other sign of it is protein in the urine. You can have trace and them not be too worried as long as it doesn't increase. Keep a close eye on things and talk to your Dr...But Good Luck with it all!!


:) - October 3

Hi again. I just went to the dr. this morning because my blood pressure has gone up. It was 144/94. I have put on bed rest. My doctor mentioned that my chances of delivering around my due date were slim to none. She said if i make it to November, it will be great but she didn't think so. I am really trying to be positive because i know there isn't really anything i can do at this point but relax and "go with the flow." I am sure i'll be fine no matter what happens. Good luck to you ladies.


Brachah - October 4

Hi Holly :) and everyone else ... my BP remains high (or "high" for the normal me) in the 140's/90's range but continue to have only trace protein in my urine. I only have pitting edema along my shin bones. However, I do have headaches and super-duper hyperreflexia. Anyway, I have been discharged from the hospital after five days of observation. I am under STRICT bedrest with bathroom privileges only (I shouldn't even be in here, but I am slightly cheating before I go lay back down.) They also tell me that I won't make it to November ... they expect having to take the baby within two to four weeks (so that tells me probably three weeks). My official due date was November 21. I'll try to keep ya'll updated. As far as you other ladies with concerns ... watch your pitting edema and blood pressure readings. Try to know your normal average. This really is a serious problem - if it is a legitimate problem - that can pose risks to you for strokes and also harm your baby, and that is why the doctors stress over exactly when is the best time to take the baby (because we all know that the longer the baby can stay in the better for the baby) but sometimes the risks for you far outweigh the risks for the baby. ANyway - wow - i blabbed away, huh? Sorry so long. Ya'll take care please.


Brachah - October 4

Oops ... forgot something ... I am NOT allowed to have caffeine ... absolutely none/nada/zero/zilch. Just thought I'd share that woesome travesty with ya'll, too.


Brandy - October 4

Brachah, I have had pitting edema in my feet (no where else) since 3-4 months (I am 28 weeks now). Really hasn't gotten worse, if anything better with the cooling temps. BP has stayed basically 112/60's. No protein, no headaches. Does this sound at all how you started out? My swelling gets better when I get my feet up. I am just really concerned about this.


holly:) - October 4

Brachah. I am so glad to hear you are at home. My due date is the 19th of November. We are very close:) Luckily my mother in law is a nurse so she gave me a BP monitor. My doctor has me check it twice a day and record all the readings. I guess we should enjoy this extra time off before the baby comes. I am sure we won't have much rest and relaxation once they arrive:)


angel - October 5

Ladies I am having the same problem as you. I found out 2 weeks ago at 32 weeks that I had toxemia/preeclampsia. It has been a mess. I have had high b/p since about 20 weeks, then I started getting protein in the urine, edema(swelling), I have been on b/p meds since about 25 weeks and they started me on more when I started preterm labor. I am 34 weeks and found out that they are taking the baby october 18 when my due date isnt until nov 16. I am getting steroid shots in my hip twice a week to help the babys lungs develop faster and also to work with the toxemia its supposed to help with all of the symptoms. I just wish you all the best and do say do what your doctor tells you mine is a mess and I never thought that I would end up having my baby four weeks early.


Holly:) - October 6

Hi Angel. are they going to induce you so you can give birth naturally? I am really hoping to be able to give birth naturally even if it's well before the due date.


C - October 6

At 24 weeks my BP was 190/130!!! No protein in urine though and no swelling. Now at 35 weeks, BP is at 130/90 level. Negative for diabetes, still no protein in urine, and swelling is very minimal and disappears after a day or so-no obvious pain except the feeling of mild numbness when not mobile.So...I am on the alert for any changes after I've read this thread!!!


Angela - October 16

Yes I have had it with all three of my kids my outcome wasnt nice I had to deliver my second son at 32 weeks he was fine my third baby at 28 weeks he's eight years old now and he,s very healthy I was also scared but, I sure your'e going to be just fine.



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