Preemies And Csecs

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Lindsay - December 27

Hi, I am almost 29 weeks and the last two months I have had a kidney infection that will not go away. Ive been hospitalized and been given every antibiotic they can safely put me on, its still there. My doctor says I am extremely at risk for preterm labor and yesterday I was contracting all day, harder than ever before. I know the contractions were braxton hicks, bc they didnt get worse during the course of the day nor did they get more frequent, but I was having bad ones every 3 or 4 minutes, and I don't see how this is normal for braxton hicks at 29 weeks. I'm also having sharp pains that stop my in my tracks since yesterday. My urine has turned a thick weird peach color despite the enormous amounts of water I drink, and now everyone is just waiting for me to go into labor. My baby seems very healthy and I was told she has a very high chance of survival if born now, despite my fears of lifelong asthma or other preemie problems. My question is how far along do Drs like babies to be before they let you give birth va___ally? Im sure if I went into labor at this point Id be in for a painful csec because she would be too fragile right? I think Ill last longer, I just dont think Im going to make it to the end, I want to know more about whats going to happen to us so I feel more prepared/less scared.


Lindsay2 - December 27

hi lindsay...i'm lindsay too. i just had my son 2 weeks ago. he was full term but ended up in the nicu due to other problems. the little girl who was his roomate was born at 31 weeks and the other little girl in the next room was born at 28 weeks. both were hooked up to numerous devices but they were both doing very well when i left. where i am from any baby under 35 weeks goes to the nicu and any baby under 5lbs stays at the nicu. but it is very possible for your baby to do well if born early. i was a preemie and weighed a little under 5lbs when born and i have no related medical problems. also many amish women deliver very early due to working and less medical attention. good luck to both u and ur baby. let us know how things go!


*sunny* - December 27

Hiya Lindsay, I had my baby on Christmas Morning by emergency C-Section due to the quick onset of pre-eclampsia, I was 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant, the option wasn't given to me to deliver her v____ally, the only concern at the time was getting her out safely and alive whilst trying to control my health issues on the pre-eclampsia. The C Section was carried out under a spinal block and epidural, and yes it was a weird and uncomfortable feeling, and is a lil painful now a few days on. But you know what matters?? Not my pain, thats for sure, all that matters is every time I look at my babygirl and I see she is here, and safe, even though she is in special care and will be for a while, it makes it all so worthwhile. I was scared, emotional, terrified, but not for myself, my only concern through it all was for my baby. Are they scanning you and taking babies measurements regularly?? I was also given 2 injections leading up to my C-Section to mature babies lungs, those injections work wonders, our baby is breathing without the aid of a ventilator. I believe your baby would have a very good chance if born now, as scary as it seems, sometimes these lil people are safer outside of the womb, and being cared for my modern medicine than they are being kept in there. Good luck, please keep us updated, I'll be thinking of you.


Erin - December 27

I think as long as there are no health problems to you (with the kidney infection) in delivering v____ally, they should let you. I would definitely ask a doctor when you get a chance (actually with those contractiosn maybe you should be at the hospital now??). Either way I wish you and your baby the best of luck!


t - December 27 help you alleviate some of your fears, I am work in an intensive care nursery and see preemies everyday. Even though 29 weeks is early, most babies do well, especially if mom is given steroid shots before the baby is born. Your baby would more than likely be given a dose of surfactant into the lungs and put on a ventilator at this age. The steroid shots given to you and the surfactant given to the baby help to mature the lungs. In the babies favor, preemie girls do better than boys. As far as the delivery, as long as the baby is tolerating the labor, he will probably delivery her v____ally. Although, each hospital do things differently.



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