Pregnancy After M C Part 3

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SuzieQ - July 14

Well ladies, I thought I would start a third trimester thread for us. I had a good cry this morning out of the blue for my past two m/c's lasst year but happy because I'm 28 weeks along now and can feel this little one kicking away in my belly. I hope everyone is doing well with their pregnancy so far and I can't wait to start hearing the birth stories :)


tryingx3 - July 14

:-) Hello...SuzieQ! I am here! I am in week we are pretty close!


Perl - July 14

Hi Suzie Q. Doesn't this make you think of all those stupid comments (don't know if you heard them but I did and I hated it when people told me: "Don't worry/don't be sad, you'll get pregnant again soon"). Your very normal feelings--crying and happiness at same time--just go to show that one baby can NOT replace the space in your heart for another baby that was lost (or two in your case). Thank you for starting this thread. I won't be in 3rd trimester until August (I'm in week 21 now) but I may pop in from time to time anyway to see how you're doing. Thanks Tryingx3 for letting me know about this thread!


Kara H. - July 15

SuzieQ- I am currently 35wks after 3 m/c (1st one 2nd tri, 3rd one twins). I regret to inform that, for me anyways, the anxiety is getting even worse as I get closer to the due date. It will be such a comfort when our babies are finally here in our arms.


tryingx3 - July 15

Kara - I bounce back and forth with being comfortable...I will be so glad to finally hold her and see her and know she is okay!! Hang in far on this list you are the closest one!! :-)


apr - July 16

I had a miscarriage last year too, and out of the blue I thought about it yesterday, and I was thinking that if it wouldnt of happened I would now have a 3 month old baby, but thank G-d, I am 38 weeks now, and I cant wait!!! But I used to get so upset when people were just so not understanding. People have no feelings sometimes. I cried away last year at this time... I cant believe a whole year has past since then, and I am just so grateful that I became pregnant soon after, but those comments people were so good at giving were no help at all. They only made me feel worse!!!


SuzieQ - July 16

I found most people were pretty understanding - and found out lots of women in my family had m/c's so they helped too. Last xmas was super hard because we "would've" (I hate that word...) had a 3 mo old. Dh's sil had a baby a few months before I was due so we had to watch his first xmas w/out our baby. It sucked, but we got through it. It's so easy to dwell on the negative. Kara - you are so close to the end of this pregnancy - that's wonderful! I hope you are feeling pretty good and I understand your anxiety. Most days I look forward to having a baby, but sometimes I can't help but wonder "what if...". I'm 29 wks today, so this is the farthest I've gotten (both m/c's in past were 1st tri) and I love feeling this one kick!


tryingx3 - July 16

SuzieQ - we are alike - both of mine were 1st trimester too...really hard! I have really enjoyed this pregnancy even the people being over-protective! I know they want the best for us and are close to as anxious as we are! I have a lady from church who has been super-supportive, she lost 2 at 6 months to issues with cervix.



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