Pregnancy And Smoking

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Stephanie - August 11

I am 25 weeks pregnant, almost 26 and was wondering if anyone used the patch or tried chewing nicorrette gum while pregnant? I have tried quitting but it seems like that stresses me out more than anything. I want to stop smoking... believe me, I have slacked off a lot a couple a day... but I can't seem to stop! When I am at work I need to smoke or I am going to have my baby while waiting on my tables. These people drive me up the wall and out the diner. Anyone have any suggestions on quitting besides saying just quit! Because that doesn't help! Please Help! And please don't be hypocritical! Thanks Stephanie


mm - August 11

Shouldn't the idea of having a healthy baby be enough to help you to actually quit smoking?


michelle - August 11

you know i hate when people like you come on here and ask a question and want someone to answer your quesiton and you get stupid comments. i personallly don't smoke but i have PLENTY of friends and family that smoked through there whole pregnancy and all there baby's are fine they do say that your baby can have a low birth weight, but i would talk to your doctor and see what he says i know as a nurse that the patch and gum can cause problems in non pregnant women so just talk to your doctor.


Heather - August 11

Hey I hear ya stephanie. I am pregnant with twins and cant stop smoking for anything!!! I have tired and tried especially since there are twins in there! My doctor said my babies are growing exceptionally well and I shouldnt worry. (Im 30 weeks and the babies are perfect!) She would like me to quit but the stress is overwhelming. She just told me to keep it down to a couple a day just the bare minimum to satisfy cravings. I only smoke about 3-4 a day. Much better than the pack a day when I first found out! LOL Good luck and talk to your doctor.


Jackie B - August 11

I smoke and it was really tough for me to quit completely. My doc actually said to quit cold turkey would be more stressfull and harmfull for the baby than just cutting down. I am still smoking but only a couple a day and only a little of each at a time. It is a hard habit to quit, I wish you luck.


Jennifer - August 11

I told myself if I hadn't quit by the time i was 4 months i would quit then. why four months, i dont know. But the exact night before my 4th month began i realized what day it was and when i woke up the next morning i gave my cigs to my boss and didnt smoke again. Of course it was hard but i kept thinking about how much healthier my baby will be and i have a book called what to expect when you're expecting. There almost a full page in there on smoking and the harm it can do....which is much more than just low birth weight or premature birth. I read that page over and over and over. That was pretty much enough for me...I couldnt imagine what I would do with myself if something was wrong with my baby and it was all because of me and my smoking. Just something to think about. I know its hard. Trust me, I never thought I'd be able to quit but I drilled into my head that it was for the best and I'd be selfish to continue doing it. They dont really reccomend using the gum or patch or anything else like that but Im sure your doc would talk to you about it. He may even okay it.....dont give up can do it trust me.


s - August 11

I smoke also and can't b/f left me in beginning of pregnancy. I've been on my own and we don't have anywhere to go. I'm staying with my aunt right now. My nerves are so bad!!! People who don't smoke or have never smoked just don't understand. 3-4 a day? I think that's great. I smoke at least a half a pack a day. Sometimes more depending on the day I am having! If you do quit good for you. I'm 35 weeks pregnant.


j - August 11

they say cigarettes are more addictive than cocaine or heroin - its good to have a forum where people can be open and honsest!


Stephanie - August 11

Thank you Ladies sooooo much for you advice and outlook! I have decided that I probably won't be able to quit... but I believe if I just keep on only a couple a day my baby will be fine! Lots of Love to All of you who are haveing the same problem!


Shann - August 11

Ask yourself this. If I won't quit now during one of the most important times in my life because I am carrying a dependent, helpless life inside me, will I ever quit? I too smoked a 1/2 a pack to a pack a day before I was pregnant. I am not saying I am better than any of you because I quit smoking. But I know I personally can't live with the guilt of anything bad happining to my baby as account of something I could have prevented. I won't lie I have had plenty times of stress through out this pregnancy as well and my husband being a smoker and I've craved a cigg even dreamed about it. I know they are very addicting, But I keep thinking about my baby growing inside me and i know when I hold him and see that he is healthy quiting will be well worth it. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you stop because anytime is better than non. You are your childs future. There are support groups out there to help you. Here is also a good site Good luck!


Jbear - August 12

My neighbor told me that she smoked throughout her pregnancy, and her doctor knew about it. He told her to cut down, but said that it would put too much physical stress on her to try quitting totally while pregnant.


H-E-L-L-O - August 12

Smoking leads to many health problem during and after pregnancy. I would seriously think about stopping. SIDs is more than enough to stop smoking. I hope you put down the cigs for you and your family's safety. Good Luck


<Amy> - August 12

I'm still smoking aswell, my doctor knows. She told me not too quit cold turkey as when i did my blood pressure got dangerously high. Luckily my baby is fine, no problems. I'm not sure if i'll totally give up now but usually only smoke 2 a day. If you can quit please do but if you really cant whatever you do don't smoke the lighter cigarettes! You may think they're better but i watched a programme recently that said they were even more dangerous than the normal ones. This is because one they are lighter so you end up smoking more thinking it's ok without realising, and two as it's weaker you draw it even deeper to your lungs, to the dangerous parts where a regular cigarette wouldn't go. Nearly everyone i know smoked while pregnant aswell but you can't go by that because they aren't you and you could be one of the unlucky ones. I know i shouldn't really say much as i am still smoking but i feel guilty enough and know how bad it is, and still try to quit with every cigarette.


Julie - August 12

When I got pregnant with my son 3 1/2 years ago I was a smoker and quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Just the thought of smoking turned my stomach because I knew it would hurt my baby. I quit cold turkey and had no problems. I had morning sickness and was soooo tired that smoking didn't even occur to me. I never started back up either. One of the girls that I worked with was also pregnant at the same time I was and smoked. Her baby was born very small and was in the hospital on a breathing machine. She now has asthma and is always in and out of the hospital. I would just plain quit!!!!


N - August 12

I'm 41 weeks and i somed about two packs a day before i got prego. my doc told me to cut down and im down to about half a pack usually less. the doc told me as long as i try to keep it at mimiun he'de be happy .they are estimating a 9lb baby girl for me and she's doing great


K - August 12

My sister smoked with my niece and even though she was 9 lbs. she has chronic ear infections and is always sick (she also b___stfed). Smoking also increases the baby's risk for SIDS.


TO K - August 12

I Never smoked during my pregnancy, yet I ate right and b___stfeed. My son has chronic ear infections. I dont think people like you should judge others, what gives you the right? Stephanie came on here to ask for support, not criticism. So, like I learned in kindergarden, if you don't have anything nice to say - keep it to youself.



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