Pregnancy Horror Stories And Going Early

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Kiersten - October 19

I'm almost 34 weeks and it seems like wherever I go, once people see I'm pregnant they have to offer all their terrible labor stories! I can't even go through Walmart without someone in line behind me giving me all kinds of advice. And oh boy, when they find out it's our first...! I guess something about a pregnant belly brings out all kinds of profound wisdom in everyone. lol I know that every woman is different, but I was curious as to how many of you (or friends of yours) that have children went early with your first. People keep telling me that there's no WAY I'll go early with my FIRST and I might as well just get used to the idea. Lovely. Thanks for the encouragement folks! Condemn a big pregnant lady to two more weeks, giving her no hope of relief! :) Just wondering how many of you did end up going earlier than your due date, and how many got that blessed two weeks over. Thank you!


redmondsky - October 19

I was 2 weeks early with my first and sadly I am one of those women who had a really bad first birth experience. However I think part of that was our fault - we should have been more educated about what was going on AND been more of our own advocates once we were in the hands of a really bad OBGYN. All I will say is that if your membranes rupture early like mine (PROM) and they decided in their wisdom to "leave you for 4 days in that state" SAY NO - I want a c-section after 24 hours. By the time they introduced cervidil 3 times etc...then the drip....etc....I ended up with a very serious uterus infection and it never should have happened. We were in the hospital for 14 days - me on IV drip antibiotics...took 3 different kinds to get the infection under control. As my new OBGYN would say "never let the sun set and rise on a woman with ruptured membranes"....................


Kiersten - October 19

Oh my goodness! 4 DAYS? What were they thinking?!! Was your baby ok? I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful OBGYN who answers all my questions and concerns. 4 How long did it take the infection to leave you?


wantanotheraftertr - October 19

I was 6 days early with my first. He was my longest labor at 15 hours but thank God for epidurals. I made it thru and pushed him out in 1/2 hour. I also wanted to share my friends first birth with you. She lived in the mountians in Colorado just 30 min from the Hospital though no big deal. She felt very constipated 1 day and decided to call he dr to see what she could do. He had her come in and when she got there he delivered her little girl in his office! Early 1 week and no pain! (her next wasn't that easy) But there is hope not all first babies are hard they are all different!


Kiersten - October 19

WOW- there is magic in the Colorado Mountains!! :) That is so cool. I bet she was a little surprised! lol Thank you ladies for the encouragement. I guess I need to make earplugs and blinders part of my wardrobe for the rest of the pregnancy. It's hard not getting discouraged at times when people are always telling me the worst case scenario. The baby and I keep having talks and I just tell him/her that the due date would be a really nice day to come on- or even a couple days before! :) Thanks again for your replies!


angie m - October 19

I had my first 2 weeks early and had a wonderful experience. I had a home birth, well at my midwifes house and it was amazing. Not saying you can't have an amazing birth at a hospital just saying that mine was at home. Anyways I started having contractions 5 min appart at 10pm, 3 min apart at midnight, headed to midwifes at 1:30am and had my little boy at 4:49am. I did have to push for 2 hours but it wasn't that bad. Well just though I would share so you weren't all freaked out thinking you would pregnant forever or have a terrible experience with this being your first. GOOD LUCK!


Krissy25 - October 19

My water broke 3 weeks early and i started going into labor with my first. Granted i had to have a c-section b/c she was breech. And my mom had me 2 weeks early and i was her first, so there is a little hope for you.


corbin289 - October 19

LOL you are too funny. Its so the way things are though. This is my third and I still get it. I would love to tell you I went early or even on time but my 1st was 13 days late and my second was 12 days late. I am praying this one is at least on time! I do know lots of people who go early or on time and I dont think there is anyway of telling until the day comes.


Buffi R. - October 19

With my first, I delivered much earlier than anyone would want to (32 weeks) because I developed a placental abruption and v____al infection all in the same week and the labor couldn't be stopped. Fortunately, you're already past that point. With this baby, I'm being monitored very carefully for pre-term labor. I'm 30 weeks now, and so far so good. Because I'm a type 1 diabetic, I already know if I go as far as my doctor would like, I'll be induced around 38 weeks, so I know I won't be overdue. Not that I'd ever want to repeat my first experience and go way too early, but I like knowing that I won't be overdue with this one either. :-)


inuk-mama - October 19

i had dd one week before my due date and it was a perfect delivery. Don't let silly people worry you! Everyone is different!


LIN - October 19

My sister just had her first last April 3 weeks early. I was there for it, and it looked to me like everything went smoothly. Her water broke around 6am, and she went to the hospital. They induced her, but I don't think she started feeling any contractions until several hours later. Her little boy was born just after 9pm, and she couldn't have been pushing for more than about 1/2 hour.


DDT - October 19

I went into labour at 39w6d with my I suppose it was early but he was born at 10:55pm which is pretty darn close to his due date. Lol! I was 0cm dilated and 70% effaced at 39w3d and so I was resigned to the fact that I would go overdue. Much to my surprise I woke up at 4am with menstral cramping. I thought, " No way, could this be it?!" I sat around for 2hrs trying to convince myself it was the real thing and then woke up df to time my contractions. After 3 more hrs my water broke on the way to the hospital. It took me 17hrs of labour and 2.5 hrs pushing to bring my little man into the world.


sahm2alaj - October 19

I don't know why people feel compeled to share scary stories with pregnant women... do they not know how paranoid we already are?! Well I had my 1st 2 weeks in advance and my 2nd came about 4 weeks early so as we already know, each woman and pregnancy is different.


Kiersten - October 19

Thank you ladies! Ahh, Corbin, don't jinx me! :) I'm telling myself that I'll *probably* go past my due date just so I won't be all bummed if/when it comes and goes. When he/she comes wouldn't be such a big deal except that my dh is graduating middle of December and just before Christmas we're moving back up north close to our families. I'm due December 6th...yeah, I know we're nuts!! lol I really want to be down here (Florida) for the two week appointment, and I definitely don't want to try to do too much too soon. For my sake and the baby's. You have all given me hope! I try to take everything with a grain of salt, but on the days when I feel like a beached whale and I have people (friends even!) arguing with me about how "well THEY'VE never heard of a woman going early for their first" and how I should "stop worrying about when I'll go because babies will come when they come WITHOUT having to use any medication to start things. It's a part of life and all the women today are so concerned about what's convenient for them" Blah, blah, blah. Now, I would like to do it without any drugs. I think I can and know that I'm at least going to try it, but come ON! Medicine is a personal choice and no one should be looked down on when they have to use it! I wish I could find a t-shirt that said "Caution:pregnant and sensitive. No advice is to be given without authorization from doctor. In case of overdose, seek professional help and earplugs immediately!" lol My dh tells me to just smile and nod. :) He thinks it's funny! Kudos to all you mommas who have done this before and thanks so much for sharing your stories! Off to Walmart to buy some plugs...


AmberNicole - October 19

I went into labor and had my ds (my first) at 36 weeks. He was perfectly healthy! Good luck!


January - October 19

I had my first, my son, at 35wks 3days and he was healthy as could be with no breathing problems and he came home from the hosp with me when I was discharged.


claire83 - October 19

i have three girls im on my fourth and last i would love to give birth on time all mine have been two weeks late lol so not holding my breathe for this birth im due in three weeks but i would say to myself five weeks lol but i will say every labour is different hope yours is great mine all went ok



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