Pregnancy Horror Stories And Going Early

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claire83 - October 19

i have three girls im on my fourth and last i would love to give birth on time all mine have been two weeks late lol so not holding my breathe for this birth im due in three weeks but i would say to myself five weeks lol but i will say every labour is different hope yours is great mine all went ok


jenna32 - October 19

my parents also had 3 girls and my mom said we were all late! i think it's a girl thing for the majority of us to be late,it happens in life and even in utero! lol.


MRHabetz - October 20

This is my third pregnancy and with my first (a girl) I went into labor 6 weeks early. I had my shower on a sunday and went to work Monday and noticed about halfway through the day that my slight backache was coming and going so I went to the doctor and was dialated 4 cm. He sent me to the hospital and my labor couldn't be stopped, she was born about 7 hours later. That was 11 years ago but I don't even remember being in that much pain. She stayed in NICU for two weeks just until her body could regulate her temperature but other than that she was fine. So, with my second I kept telling myself that I might go early and this made the last 5 weeks lloooonnnnnggggg!!!!! I had to be induced (another girl). This one is a boy and I'm hoping he waits until my induction date on December 19th. Did you talk to your doctor? Mine won't let someone go over unless they request it. Well, Good Luck!!


redmondsky - October 20

The uterus infection took 5 weeks to clear up - I was on oral antibiotics after they put through drip for 10 days...I am sharing my story because I would HATE to see any other mom go through what we did. Our son was hooked up for 9 days after the birth - I guess his poor little system didn't like the experience either. The other reason I am sharing? The infection caused both my tubes to scar - my left one is shot and the right one was recently removed (long story - we were preggers with twins - one uterine (inside me now) the other at the same time - ectopic - had to be removed). ANYWAYS it's important to educate each other. As a result of being left like that we had some long term problems - we heard through the grapevine that this OBGYN has done this before and now has one lawsuit pending.......the actual pregnancy with our first was WONDERFUL and there was no reason for it to go down the path it did! We are in AMAZING hands now with a scheduled c-section beginning of December. I LOVE my new doctor - he is so wonderful and is making up for all the yucky stuff we went through with our first doctor. I think it's important to read up on PROM though 'cause we had no idea what it was or what exactly we were experiencing. Now you guys know and it won't happen to you - if my story makes a difference for just one of you then I will feel so much better about experiencing know what I mean : - )



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