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Amanda N - March 8

I am 32.5 weeks and have diagnosed with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. I have put on some meds to see how that helps. It has lowered it some but not to where my doc wants it. I go back Thursday (3/10) to see him and show him my "diary" of blood pressure readings. I am just looking to see if anyone else had this same thing and what was done in the beginning and what ended up happening. Thank you.


Susanna - March 8

I am 27 weeks and having similar concerns with my BP. It has been really high a few times and they tested me for preclampsia (test turned out to be negative for now). I was at an appointment yesterday and it was 140/85. At the end of the appointment it started coming down. My doctor said if it hovers around 130 or 140, it will be o.k., but if it goes higher I will have to start medication. I am a very stressed out person which we have talked about, so I think he is comfortable that it is not chronic, but just high at certain times. I still am very worried, of course. Good Luck!


Amanda N - March 8

I can relate to the stressed out thing. Prior to pregnancy and up until now my BP has been "normal" never been near being high. My bottom number is always fine but my top has been as high as 152. And for the past 5 weeks (I have weekly visits already due to other high risk factors) it has been "high" so he started the meds. He wants the meds to take to 115 or below...yet it has only done so once in almost a week. And the meds (I think) make me feel extremely tired, nausea, dizzy, shakey, etc. Stuff that is making me feel horrible. I know tiredness and nausea can be normal but they are 10x worse. I called his office today to find out what I should do, waiting for a call back. Thank you though for your response, I hope everything works out great for you. If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated!!


bump - March 11




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