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karen - February 9

Has anyone had a pregnancy massage? I was thinking of getting one, but the only places I know of do a side-lying massage. I don't know how comfortable that would be, or if it would be worth the money.


tasha - February 9

I just had one done last week(Im 33 weeks now) and it was very nice, but it doesnt bother me to lye that way, I dont need a pillow, although she did have one for me. So if you like to lye on your side I would say its great! I loved it.


Girl Gilly - February 9

I absolutely 100% recommend ma__sage by a qualified ma__sage therapist. I go weekly to a ma__sage school where students work on pregnant women where the focus is mostly on relaxation. I also see my good friend who is an RMT and she does the real work. My hips have been in agony and she is able to make them feel so much better. I see her about every 2-3 weeks when they flare up. Double check with your Dr. first, but if you can do it! It is worth the $$. Laying on your side is fine - they prop you with pillows and a good qualified ma__sage therapist will know exactly how to make you comfortable. My main word of caution is that you go to someone qualified/registered. I am 33 weeks pregnant and will continue up until my birth. I don't consider it pampering - I consider it essential.


Ba8y6irl - February 9

I have and it was the best thing I have ever done!! Mine was side lying, as most are, they give you a pillow to support yourself on, like to go between your legs and if you need a wedge I am sure you can bring your own, or just ask for more support. It was very comfortable for me, and I almost fell asleep! She did one side then I flipped over to the other side and she did the other side of my back, then she did my leg cuz it was falling asleep when I slept... then she showed me some stretches to get ready for baby, and to exercise my glutes and my pecks... it was totally worth the money!!


jennarose8 - February 9

I am 36 weeks pregnant (almost 37) and just had a pregnancy ma__sage! It was wonderful! They layed me on a bed with an indention for my tummy and ma__saged for about 50 minutes. They just dont ma__sage your feet and ankles and ma__sage pretty soft. It felt really good though! I did have to pee ALOT after. I am not sure if it was all the water I have retained or what but it way more than usual! Good luck!



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