Pregnancy Massage

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Brittany D. - January 4

i was thinking about having a pregnancy massage,has anyone ever had one?like most of you my back is KILLING me!and i thought this might be good,but i have never had a massage!


k - January 4

I've been thinking about the same thing! I have had a regular ma__sage and would love a pregnancy ma__sage. I am so weird though, I keep thinking in the back of my head "what if they dont' knwo what they are doing and push something wrong" I'm so paranoid with everything!! I wish someone would just ma__sage the heck out of my legs....I know a friend of mine had one when she was preggers and highly recommends it for sure!


Heather - January 4

I had them at least once a month up til this last month. The only reason I havne't gone this last month is that she has been all booked up for the holidays! It is wonderful!! She was able to rub the tightness out of my back and my sciatic nerve!! Well worth the money!! Just make sure they are giving you a prenatal ma__sage. It is a little more gentle and geared toward an expectant mothers aches and pains!!


mel - January 4

I've never had a "pregnancy" message before, but I have gotten proffesional messages before and they are HEAVENLY! my only advise is NOT to go for the 30 minute. get at least an hour. the 30 mintues is over right when you are getting truely and deeply relaxed.


Kaeli - January 4

My mom gave me two ma__sage sessions at my baby shower. They were FANTASTIC and I highly recommend doing it! I didnt have sciatic pain for quite a while, it was so nice! Just make sure they dont have one of those tables that your belly sticks through, they are supposed to be really bad for your back. Do the one that you start on your back, then they put you on your side. They have tons of pillows that they prop all around you for support. Good luck and let us know if you decide to go for it!


Kaeli - January 4

One more thing, make sure they are trained in or specialize in "pregnancy ma__sage". There are certain points on the body (feet and hands) that can trigger contractions.


LRK - January 4

Kaeli is right--they should have been trained in prenatal ma__sage. I should be doing this more often too--my body is so broken! When you get this kind of ma__sage, either they have you lay on your side, or sometimes they have a table that is adapted to pregnant women. I have only had the side ma__sage. Remember your antacid if you have heartburn. My stomach gurgled the whole time, and I had to go for my purse mid-session to grab the tums.


Angela - January 4

I get one once a week because I'm in physical therapy for a back injury. I love them and highly recommend it! I would recommend going to a physical therapist though or someone who specializes in pregnancy ma__sage. It's not that different than a regular ma__sage except you lie either on your side or in a special pillow that has a big hole cut out for your belly and b___bs. LOL.. Some people try to tell you that you shouldn't be ma__saged while pregnant, but that's rubbish. I get DEEP tissue and it's great. There are just certain areas (like the achilles tendons) that you don't want to ma__sage because it could possibly bring on contractions.


Ronni - January 4

I too have had prenatal ma__sages, they are amazing. Again, just ask the place if they do prenatal ma__sages, usually they have a few techns that are trained in prenatals. Definitly treat yourself, they are great, and you deserve it!


Brittany D. - January 5

Thanks for all your answers!ill call the place in a little while and make an appt.!


gg - January 5

Absolutely go for ma__sage! I don't know where you are but in Canada ma__sage therapists are Registered. So make sure you go to someone who is fully qualified - it will make a giant difference in your ma__sage. Someone who is qualified and properly trained will know exactly what to do and what NOT to do. There are trigger points on the feet that can cause contractions in some women. You don't need a table that has a hole for the belly - it's amazing how they can use pillows to prop you into positions. Earlier in my pregnancy I my SI joints felt like they were on fire - my RMT was able to work it out. I have some aches and pains but the real bad stuff has subsided. I know some people even bring in a ma__sage therapist to the birthing room - it makes a big difference! Depending on where you live check to see if there is a ma__sage therapy college. There is one in my town and they offer pre-natal ma__sage at a reduced cost on a weekly basis. It is not therapeutic like you would get from an RMT but it is very relaxing and definetly helps. So don't hesitate - just make sure you go to someone qualified!



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