Pregnancy Pains

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ThePezChick - July 10

I've been having terrible back pain for about 3 weeks or so. Sometimes it's in my lower back. Other times it's under my right shoulder blade. It can start when I'm sitting, walking, or lying down. I'm right at 7 months along and my belly is getting huge so I'm assuming it's just the weight??? Also, I've been having tenderness around my stomach. Nothing that's worried me, but there are times my entire stomach just feels worn out/tired/sore. Once again, could it just be the weight pulling everything forward? I was pretty small before I got pregnant so my body's not used to carry such a monster (size-wise) around. Any suggestions or input would be most appreciated.


apr - July 10

I am now 37 weeks pregnant, but I think I know what you mean. I actually had that around the 7th month, so bad that I stayed in bed for 2 days and I couldnt go to work. I would just go to check it out at the Dr. if I were you, just to be sure and calm.


MEO - July 10

I would attribute some of the pain you are describing (and I may be wrong here) to how dang uncomfortable it is to try to lay in bed all night. Some days I just get up in the morning when I am too uncomfortable to be in bed anymore. Making sure my head is at the right level for sleeping, not too propped up/out of line with my back, helps me have less of that shoulder blade pain you are describing. I get the "tired" stomach, too, when I have been standing too long or walking around or something... My comfortable position during the day currently is to sit on my futon with my back as straight up the back of the futon as I can get it, sometimes with a pillow at my lower back, and then either sit "yoga style" (seems to cradle my belly a little) or just kick my legs out to the side. This position relieves back pain for me. Hope you can relax!


ThePezChick - July 10

Thanks Ladies! I do the sit up straight pillow behind the back thing too. It seems to help, but I can't sit that way all day. I go to the doctor Friday so I'll make sure I ask about it and get back to you with what he says.


me - July 10

I have had bad back pain in the middle fo my back when I hit 8 months. I also got very tender under my right rib. It was so tender to the touch that my dr siad it was possibly the nerves in my skin being stretched so tightly. She recommended a lidocaine patch to help numb the area until it goes away. Other than that, keep a heating pad on your back, maybe those Thermacare patches if you need to be mobile and have your dr prescribe a lidocaine patch to see if that helps. Hopefully it will. My back pain went away in a few weeks, and yes it is probably due to the baby weight growing rapidly. Best of luck and feel better!



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