Pregnant And Suffer With Panic Attacks

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sarah - May 19

i am 6 and a half months pregnant and suffer with awful panic attacks,they can happen anywhere,when i go down the shop,bus,car,driving,i ven had a mild one in a yoga class! i realise that i bring these attacks on myself as its my brain thats making me panic,but when one grips you it is sometimes almost impossible to let the feeling go and it just gets worse and worse. my main concern now is that ill have one when i am in labour and that i wont be able to breath. please help


Fabienne - May 19

Did you talk to your doctor about it ? He or she should be able to advise you on that. I also had panic attacks in my pregnancy - I know they're not fun... Go and talk to your doc Sarah and good luck for your pregnancy


susanna - May 19

I have had high anxiety through my pregnancy too. It's not fun. I was never concerned with having a panic attack at delivery because you'll have the medical staff there to help you, but I was always scared that my anxiety would hurt my baby, which I have heard different things about. Definitely talk to your doctor and see what your options are. I never took any anxiety medication, although my doctor recommeded it at different times, but sometimes I think if your anxiety is really bad, then taking medication once in awhile may be a better option for your baby. Again, you should discuss this all with your doctor. Good Luck!


muneca - May 19

the same thing happens to me .i find if you just sit and think about your problems and sort them out once in while and just cry and cry and cry it releases alot of stress...and next time you think about it again you and say in your mind ...i dont need to worry about it...i already cried about it!!!


to fabienne,susanna and muneca - May 21

thankyou for your advice,its so nice to talk to understanding people,it makes a world of difference! to muneca,i find that i feel very tearful after a panic attack,and it then makes me more calmer,its because the crying is an outlet for the emotional stress,dont you agree?



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