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Nikki - November 4

Will I be pregnant forever? Just kidding, but it kinda feels like it. I'm 39 weeks and nothing has happened yet. No effacement or dilation. The doctor did say that my cervics has begun to soften. Does anyone have a clue what that means and how long it will take before I start to dialate or better yet go into labor? Just curious, I know the typical answer, "everybody's different" Thought I could get a rough estimate. Thanks in advance :)


Mary - November 4

I am over 41 weeks now and I am sorry to tell you there is no estimate that can be given. I was 50% effaced at 37 weeks and 2 cm dialated at 39 weeks, yet I am still here waiting for labor to start. Just like me and others, you will have to be patient. Is this your first? I heard that in average 1st time moms deliver almost 10 days later. i am a 1st time mom and I am now 9 days overdue. I am being induced on Monday. Your doctor will talk to you abut induction soon, so hang in there!


kim - November 4

I'm 36 wks but the dr told me the same thing this past Wednesday, no dilation but cervix has softened. Everyone is different, some are thinned for weeks before they go and others not, same with dilating some will be dilated to 2 or 3 cm for weeks before and others open up in a short time frame. I know this doesn't help because I was looking for concrete answers too, but there aren't any.


Kelly K - November 4

Like the other ladies have said.. no telling. I'm 40 weeks today (due today) and still only 80% effaced with no dialation.


Lesley - November 4

I am 42 weeks and don't think my cervix had thinned yet. I also got my dates knocked back 5 weeks so it feels like I have been carrying him forever.


daltonnsc - May 3

Sometimes it sems like the doctors have no answers to this either.. I am 35 and a half weeks... 80% effeaced and dilated to 2 and have been having contractions every 5 minutes for over a week now and they still cant tell me when i am gonna have my son.. so theres no real ansers, to this



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