Prego Teen Just Wanted To Share My Kids Names And Ages

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bubbles_99 - February 4

Tre'Von Le'Vel: almost 3 Zacorriana Dana: almost 2 Zephaniah daniel: 7 1/2 mths Layel Rose: unborn ( 8 mths on febuary 6)


izechsmama - February 4

om goodness.. whats it like having them so close? you must've got pregnant with each one right away right?


erenimi - February 4

How are you 8 months pregnant, and have a 7 1/2 month old child? Thats sounds not quite right


tish212 - February 5

THIS POST IS A FAKE SHE GOT CALLED OUT ON THE TEEN FORUM SO NOW SHE IS TRYING TO GET ATTENTION HERE....she claims she got pregnant while pregnant and that's how she has soooo many kids and shes claiming shes preg again... do not waste ur time showing this fake the attention they takes away the time u could spend answering a real question. its disgusting how people fill up these forums with their lies when they don't get enough attention in their real lives.....(sorry for the caps but this is just ridiculous)


bubbles_99 - February 5

like tish212 said, i did infact get pregnant while pregnant... she doesnt choose to get over herself... but i am indeed pregnant again... i was not trying to get pregnant again.... and it does get hard having then so close together but i dont regret having any of them.... they alll seem to get sick at the same time and that is the worst because they become clingy.... tish212 are you pregnant or did you already hav eoyur baby.. if you were infact pregnant... just giving a little sarcasm... i do believe you and i wont sink down to the level you are on just because you choose not to believe... but as i stated in this fourm and the teen that is on you.... i love my kids and my unborn daughter... and the grl andi is a person all in her self... i dont need her to valch for me she did it on her own...


jennifer_33106 - February 5

Oh god shut up already. If you are supposedly pregnant while have already been pregnant (which I highly doubt) then who the hell cares who believes you and who doesnt? OH and also if you were pregnant right now then you would be 9 months along and tomorrow would be your EDD. Funny how you wouldnt know that. Ok I think I am horomonal today!


jennifer_33106 - February 5

ok wait i think i read that wrong. You will be 8 months tomorrow? Ok either way it screams BS to me.


treshala - February 5



jenice - February 5

All right, if this is the case, and you truly managed somehow to concieve while pregnant with an almost full term baby (which I hate to tell you, I couldn't find any facts supporting the possiblity of this happening so late in pregnancy...usually it only occurs within a few weeks of becoming pregnant--creating "twins" that are approx. a month apart in age), well, I'd a__sume you know the medical term for your condition? And it is? (Please fill in answer....I'm curious.) Also, it would mean that you have two uterus', two v____as, etc. Women with this condition have a lot of difficulty geting pregnant just once. In fact, most women with this condition have had the second set removed, because they don't work and only cause problems. If you truly are the teen you claim you are (and I believe you probably are), those organs would have been removed before you were even old enough to know what a uterus was. I'm sorry hon, but I'm calling your bluff. It IS possible to have a 7 1/2 month old while pregnant with an 8 month old baby....but only if that 7 1/2 month old is some other woman's baby. I recommend talking to your OB/GYN or doctor to start getting your facts straight. I actually question if you have any children at all...perhaps you are just needing some attention? Get back to school and take that s_x-ed course again...sounds like you didn't pay attention the first time.


treshala - February 5

GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM?? And what would make you just "randomly" come into the Third Trimester forum to post "Your kids names and ages"??? Ok and whats your point???


tish212 - February 5

jenice- I couldn't have said it better myself I asked her several times on the teen forum to name the condition which she never did... and when we called her out over there it irritated me to see she ran over here for attention...she also uses the screen name hanshon1812 or something...and only gets online during school hours...I agree that she is just desperate for attention but this is a waste of space for women with real issues.... its sad... look savin or whatever u claim ur name is please stop this c___p no one believes u... hey jenn hugs!


durante baby - February 5

Guys you better be careful she may whoop out her multiple personality out on you, with her big words that make litte sence and are pointless!....HEY JENN!!! Hows Mama feeling? Long time no talk. We miss the dark side!


durante baby - February 5

And as I put my hand to this dear inocent childs head. I yell "SAVE HER SAVE HER SAVE HER SAVE HER SAVE HER SSSSAAAAVVVVVEEE HHHEEEERRRRR FROM THE DEMONS OF CONTINOUS PREGNANCIES! May god watch over you and may your body wash down...I said was DOWN DOWN DOWN those watermellon seeds you have been feasting upon, instead of them getting caught in your soul, and growing into those demons!! and may you body be replemished of its innocents!!! Now may we all bow our heads and pray!


jennifer_33106 - February 5

TISH!! DURANTE!!! haha I havent been on much to be honest. I get on daily but not for very long and have honestly not checked the teen forum in a while. haha I miss the dark side too and the nightly picnics. haha I should make a point to go there more often. I have been good and really tired. haha Durante how are your little boys and Tish how is Alexa?


durante baby - February 5

Jenn my little boys are great!!! getting big! Dante turns three next month I cant believe it! Zaiden turned 5months yesterday WOW time flys!....I have been waiting to hear your birth story! hurry up all ready woman! I am so sick of waiting on you! but I brought you some bananas...oh but they are kinda out of season so they dont seem to be very effective....In fact i think that is how Bubble Brain got that evil double pregnancy...So i also brought you some Hot Cocoa. its been helping for me. We love and miss you!! **throws poo towards Jenns face, laughs, and runs out the door yelling "FOR OLD TIME SAKE"** hehe


HeavenisMine - February 5

Super Mommy, she's everywhere you want to be and then some ;)


lunamoo - February 6

OMG I love the names! Tre'von Le'vel. Did she get this by combining perfume and detergent names?!?!??! You go girl.



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