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afireinsideamanda - September 23

just wondering, since the last question she posted was about only having a day till her induction!!! hope to hear everything is going well. im getting really nervous about my induction.... its scheduled for tuesday night/wed morning.... and the closer it gets the less i feel like i should do it.. but it may just be from lack of information. im going to talk to my ob tomorrow but can anyone tell me if its dangerous??? ill be 39 weeks on my induction and can you tell me if any of you have been givien cytotec??


Having # 2 - September 24

Hello ~ I was induced with my first delivery two years ago. I was given cytotec and pitocin. All in all I could not have asked for a better delivery. Except for the fact that my son was in slight distress during my labor, everything was perfect. My contractions were very strong and right on top of each other, almost right from the begining. When they got too intense I was given an epidural that worked perfectly. I was not in pain anymore but when it came time to push I could feel just enough pressure to know what I was doing. Like I said, overall it was a picture perfect induction. Also, my recovery was very fast. Even with a small episiotimy I felt totally great a week later. I hope that your labor (induced or not) is as easy is possible and that you are blessed with a healthy baby :)


angelinakai - September 24

one of my friends was induced a month ago and she said that it was wonderful. They gave her the pitocin and then the epidural and she never even felt any contractions or anything. she said it was a really great experience. her son had no problems and was beautiful and healthy. Try not to worry... just think that you're gonna see your baby soon!!! I get induced tonight/tomorrow morning. I am soo excited. I'm thankful that I dont have to wait and wait around. GL sweetheart... you'll be fine!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - September 24

I had my daughter August 27th...I was induced and they used pitocin when they induced me. I was 38w 4d when they induced me since my water bag was ruptured. I NEVER wanted to get induced thats for sure. But everything went well. Minus the fact that I was dialated at 4 for like 5-6 hours. I got the epidural after 8 hours of labor. My labor was a total of 11 hours. But its really not that bad. I don't know about the cytotec, but I wouldn't do anything i wasn't comfortable with and tell the doctor to use pitocin or something else



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