Premature Labor Brought On By Stressfull Job

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redemptive_angel - May 26

My job is very stressful! I am on my feet for about 8 to 10 hours with no breaks (I rarely get a lunch break). My schedule changes weekly and my boss seams to love scheduling me to close one day (11am to 9pm) and then turn right around and have me open (7:30am to 5pm). I am the Manager of a hardware store and am 32 weeks pregnant. When I get home I am so exhausted and stressed! Should I take an early maternity leave? I can take as long as I want... mainly because it is unpaid and I am considered part-time even though they work me full time hours. I am just worried that I wiil go into premature labor from working so hard or that my it will harm my baby.


Tillie - May 26

I would definitely take an early leave. No 32 week pregnant woman should have to be on her feet for 10 hours a day with no breaks! That's insane. Your body is doing so much right now, growing and nurturing a human being--you really should get out of there and get some real rest. I don't know about premature labor and what causes it, but I think your instinct is a good one.


torbman - May 26

What is it with bosses eh! Mine does the same thing. I get sheduled a 3pm-10pm shift then a 7am-3pm shift the next day. I would be pushing for a break. For that matter I would probably leave early too. I am 31 weeks, and plan on leaving at the end of June. You should really get some rest and time to yourself before the baby comes!


miraclebaby - May 26

IF you can afford it leave early because its not worth it. As long as you feel comfortable financially and that your job will be there after do it, If not you need to talk to your boss. Good luck to you


Jenn2 - May 26

If your finances allow....I say, "go for it". It will only become harder on you the later on in pregnancy you get. My husbands sister went into labor (with her first child) at 37 weeks, and she was having allot of work stress on her. It probably can contribute to it.


Deb - May 27

I'm 33 weeks and I just stopped working and I have to say that it is the best decision I have made. My job was stressful, and I had problems sleeping because of it. I got to the point where I had a little breakdown because I couldn't handle the stress anymore and the sleep deprivation was making it much worse. Now that I am done work, I can take naps in the afternoon and stay relaxed throughout the day. Babies can feel your stress hormones and tension, and the last thing you want is an uptight baby! Take the early won't regret it!!! Good luck!


mishy - May 28

A colleague of mine went in labour 7 wks early b/c of her stressful job.. she swears she would never risk it again. I am due in 6 and have 4 wks left of work and I am seriously considering leaving earlier.. leave is unpaid too but maybe we can manage..



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