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jcross414 - February 26

Has anyone had one of these? The back pain in my upper back is so unbearable I don't know what to do. Thought of gettng a massage, think it will help?


EricaG - February 26

I got a prenatal ma__sage when I was pregnant (my baby is 7 months now) It helped for that day and the next but then it was back to the same old back pain again.


Marlyn - February 26

Hi, I went for ma__sages during my pregnancy up until three weeks before I gave birth...It was great for relaxation, but make sure to drink lots of water afterwards. I didn't have much pain though during my pregnancy. Also I would recommend going somewhere that has a pregnancy table (with a big hole for the belly!). I went for a ma__sage once at a place that didn't have the table and it wasn't very good.


laurenl - February 27

I had a prenatal ma__sage a few weeks ago. I was about 26 weeks pregnant. They did not have a table with the hole, I layed on my side. I absolutely loved it!!! My mid back was killing me (and still is). It helped for a couple of days, but definitely isn't something that will make it go away for good, but it was definitely worth it and I will be getting another! go for it!


redhead125 - February 27

I got one a couple of weeks ago. It felt wonderful. My husband is horrible at ma__saging and it felt good to get rubbed down and pampered. The spa I went to had a special pillow that propped up your chest and arms so you could be on your tummy. It was easily removable if you weren't comfortalbe.


misschrissie - February 27

I have had quite a few ma__sages but I find that going to the chiropractor has cured all of my back and hip pain. And it's cheaper.


mary b - February 27

I have had 2 during my pregnancy, once in the second tri and one more about 2 weeks ago (i'm now 39 weeks) It was great but.....Make sure to go to someone who is certified on giving a prenatal ma__sage, ortherwise someone who doesn't know what they are doing could put you at risk for pre-term labor....drink alot of water for 24 hours following the sure if they have you one your back that you are somewhat elevated too...if at all during the ma__sage they seem not to know this fact, (that you shouldn't be flat on your back,) LEAVE!!!



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