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MK - September 12

How is everyone doing on their prenatal vitamins? Still taking them? Do they make you sick? When do you take em'?


pbj - September 12

I'm 30 weeks and I'm still taking mine daily, they have never made me sick...probably the one of the only things that didn't. I take mine with my evening snack, usually about 8:00pm, that way I make sure I don't have any caffeine in my body; since caffiene reduces the intake.


sara - September 12

Im 41 weeks, still take mine and the two iron pills on top of that. When I first started taking them they made me sooo sick to my stomach. But other than that, Ive got so use to them.. it doesnt bother me anymore. I take mine at night.


MK - September 12

I also took mine at night but I started waking up with heartburn....AGAIN! I hate the taste of my prenatal coming back up=P


Barb - September 12

Hey MK... I'm still taking mine too. I started taking mine a year before I got preg. clockwork I take mine every morning at 5:30A.M. with a boost drink. That's when I get up to pack lunches for the hubby and works for me :) They don't make me sick...


pbj - September 12

MK, if you're having a problem with them coming back up you should try taking them with food earlier in the day. I take mine usually with a snack or since I love milk so much now, I take them with milk.


Mk - September 12

I am also taking calcium & iron...The iron I am not supposed to take with any dairy products, antacids, eggs, cereal, whole grain breads, coffee, or tea!!! I still get the yucky heartburn no matter how, when I take them.


ca__sandra - September 12

I don't take mine. I just make sure I eat a healthy diet. I'm 29 weeks


tracy - September 12

i'm 30 weeks and take mine daily, right after breakfast - i've found if i forget and then take a few hours later i feel totally nauseous on an empty stomach i really try not to forget :)


Jenn - September 13

I am 36 weeks and still taking 2 vitamins a day. They have never bothered me... If anything I believe they have kept me from getting colds, flu, etc. I just feel better taking them.


leslie - September 13

I am 37 weeks and I am not taking mine..I Have had problems with all the different brands I have changed them 3 times and they still make me throw up...I mean I still throw up without them but them make me feel more sick...I do try to eat healthy said that it was not going to harm the baby, but it was more for me so I wouldn't end up with a blood transfusion or something like that when I delivered...


Julie - September 13

I am taking mine right after my evening meal along with my calcium vitamin. I have to time them carefully, because I am also on iron 3 times daily with orange juice, which I can't take with food or any other vitamins. Seeing as I am hungry all the time, this is quite a challenge.


Heidi - September 13

I take two Flintstones with Iron before bedtime. Sometimes I forget but my midwife said that's okay. I'm as big as a house so it's not like she's lacking in nutrients!!!!!


mar - September 13

I take one Flintstone complete a day. The prenatal vitamins just didnt work for me.


Jessica F. - September 13

I take them every time I remember! I am having a really hard time remembering to take the vitamins.


Mary C. - September 13

I take my prenatal and iron vitamins with my breakfast. Neither have given me any problems. I'm 31 weeks. Good luck everyone.


Lacey - September 13

Mine make me really sick (34 weeks). I try to take them with food in the evening but I usually only think of it in the morning. I leave them on the bathroom counter by the toothbrushes to remind me before bed. I usually try to take them before I get pregnant right on until I stop b___st feeding!



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