Prenatals Making Me Have Heartburn

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Erynn21 - July 5

I have stopped taking my pernatals recently, every time I take them I either want to puke or get wretched heartburn. I am eating well, I know that they are really required in the first tri for folic acid and such I'm just wondering if they are as necessary now. I just can't handle taking them any more when I do they make me feel awful. I know women who could never take them, I'm still gaining weight and feel great, but only if I don't take them. Any input would be great, thanks.


DeeJay - July 5

I was never able to take pre natal vitamins due to the iron in them. I was told for the first 2 trimesters to take 1-2 flintstones chewables a day and now that I am in the third trimester she just told me one a day should be fine. It is mostly for the folic acid in the beginning. I do have a problem with anemia though, and I am very tired, but I just can't take all the iron, I get violently ill, but my doc said that the baby is fine and shes just taking all my iron. But no, I never took pre nantals and my baby has grown fine and is doing very well!


sfrias - July 5

Hi Eryn, Have you tried changing brands of prenatal. I changed my normal vitamins for ones that they were very fancy and expensive, and those last were killing me. I return to my previous ones. Sometimes it is the brand. Try several. I would highly recommend you to take them. It is extremely important that you get enough vitamins, otherwise in the medium or long term your body will resent that (i.e. osteoporosis due to lack of calcium). If you do not want to take them, I would go to a nutricionist doctor to make sure that your body is receiving all what it needs. You can be gaining weight, but remember that our little ones will take everything they need from us, and later on we can have health problems. I have heard of women loosing hair, teeth, etc. I guess that if you are eating well you won't have those problems, but I would switch vitamin's brands or check with a doctor. Good luck!


Tanna - July 5

I take the chewable pre-natals. I took them with my first two pgs as well. I cannot tolerate the horse sized vitamins that you swallow. Every single time I took those after about an hour I had to lay down, and I just wanted to die my stomach hurt so badly! Well, I tolerate the chewable ones, but let me tell you, they taste so very very discusting that I cannot wait until the birth of the baby so I can stop taking them! I seriously have to plug my nose to chew and swallow them. But then, of course, they get all over my teeth so for the next half hour the taste of them, which lingers, makes me want to vomit! My husband thinks it is hilarious to watch me take them!


Erynn21 - July 6

I have a really healthful diet, so I'm not too concerned about my nutrition, I also drink protien shakes a few times a week and they are loaded w/ vitamins. I went to the my local health food store and started taking 2 children's multi-vitamin chewables and they are not making me ill. This is the brand of vitamins I normally take, just the prenatal version I have been taking since day one, they just startted making me want to puke within about fifteen minutes of ingesting them. My doc. is on vacation for the week so I will have to wait for her suggestions until my appt. next Tues. Thanks for the input.



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