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Beth - October 18

I'm pregnant with my first and procrastinated for a little bit too long.....all of the prental classes are filled for the rest of this year! The only class I can get into before my EDD(feb 2) is Jan 28/ important are these classes? Did you guys find them really informative and helpful?


c - October 18

I'm taking a childbirth cla__s right now for free through my hospital where I'm expected to deliver. The first cla__s was a complete waste of time. I found the second cla__s somewhat informative, though I could have learned what she told us from a book. The third cla__s is supposed to be on exercises for delivery and the fourth on b___stfeeding, which I'll skip because I already took a cla__s on it. If I were you, I would read as much as I could from books at the library and maybe take out a childbirth video or DVD from the library too.


Carol - October 18

My husband and I found ours to be very helpful. They toured you around the hospital and got you familiar with how things work there. They also had a guy from the transportation dept. come and show us how to properly install our seatbelt. It was realy good. We would have put it in wrong had it not been for that cla__s.


Beth - October 18

still feeling pretty confident about not taking them, as soon as I got pregnant I wanted to find out everything that I possibly could so I've read lots of books, and I can still get a tour of the hospital without the cla__ses, and the carseat I have is from a friend and she'll show me the proper way, anything else?


Tanyav - October 18

I thought it was pretty much useless. I don't think you need it. Just like c said try to read a few pregnancy books and you will be fine. The only thing that I didn't know that they told me in cla__s was that you need a pediatrician picked out prior to your delivery so they can inform him of your delivery with 48 hours. If you do not have a pediatrician or a pediatrician that does not do rounds in the hospital you will be delivering in, your doctor will appoint a pediatrician to perform the first checkup in the hospital and if this pediatrician is not covered by your insurance you will be stuck paying for the bill. I never thought of this so I’m glad they said something in the cla__s. Also, I know it sounds gross but I’m glad I saw the birthing video and the c-section video. Those are the only two things that I thought were worth it in the whole 4 week cla__s.


Tanyav - October 18

I also found out that as for the child seat you can take it to any fire department and they will check to make sure that you have it installed right, or you can call 411 for information on where you can get that checked out.


Beth - October 18

thanx for all the info, I really aprreciate it.


Krissy - October 18

Beth, My husband and I attended the childbirth cla__s this weekend and we didn't learn much more than we already knew.I liked that they took us on a tour of the hospital so I knew where I was going to stay during labor and delievery. But I'm sure if you go in there a nurse could give you a run through. The only other thing that was informative was the breathing exercises, just practice with your partner and find things that make you comfortable (ma__saging your back, birthing ball, rubbing your back with a tennis ball) It just prepares you for whats to come.


Brandy - October 18

My husband and I attended our prenatal cla__s this weekend and got nothing out of it. They didn't even give us a tour of L&D. They didn't discuss breathing or relaxation techniques. They barely even discussed newborn care. It was definitely a waste of time and $ ($30 for us).


Val - October 18

I found that taking a Bradley Method Birthing Cla__s will help you be a lot more informed.


Ca__sie - October 18

I would say that most of the stuff the teach, you can learn from books. And advantage of having the cla__ses though is that you can meet other pregnant women and also have questions answers pronto by the instructor. Also, getting a tour of the hopsital is a great idea.


L - October 18

My Dr said that the cla__ses alot of the time benefit the partner more than the mom to be. Said the mom will do what she needs to do naturally. It is good for her to gather information though on her alternatives. She said the partnre can learn ma__sge tips and techniques for a__sisting the mom thru the delivery process. We are going the first week of November. Ours is also offered thru the hospital education program but there are private ones too. Also, there is sometimes a waiting list for people incase of cancellations Good Luck.


Kim - October 18

I wasn't really impressed with our cla__s. Most of the things we learned I already knew from reading pregnancy websites and books. But I did find the breathing and relaxation helpful as well as postpartum and taking care of a newborn. The biggest benefit was taking the cla__s with my husband. It's very hard to get him to read pregnancy books with me...he was able to get more into it by taking the cla__s. He learned a lot about being a coach.


sas - October 18

i didn't find the cla__ses to helpful, especially since we had to pay 145$ for them. I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that the internet and other books provide so much of the information, and many of us are starving for information the minute we get pregnant. I liked the hospital visit and remembering to breathe properly through your contractions, but other than that, i didn't find it that helpful. However, i think it depends on the type of cla__s you take and who is giving it.


Kim - October 18

We spent over 200. on our cla__ses and my husband and I had mixed reviews. I really found them helpful because I learn visually and I needed to be there to practice the breathing, learn about b___stfeeding, etc. I have books for reference but I would rather go to cla__s and refer to the books later on. My husband would have rather read the books. It all depends on you and what works best for you because a lot of what they teach is in books. My hospital offers over 30 cla__ses on just about everything and many of them are appropriate even after the baby. The one cla__s out of the 4 that we took that I believe was the most important to attend was infant CPR and first aid. I will take this one every year as a refresher.



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