Preparing For Labour

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Girl Gilly - February 7

How are you preparing for labour? Have you visualized the event? Are you reading all kinds of books? I still can't read all the gritty details in the books, but I am well aware of the stages and what generally happens. I am not much of a detail person so when I got loaded down with them it's overwhelming. This is my first pregnancy and I plan to take labour as it comes (with knowledge but not too much) - if that makes any sense. I have seen a few videos that were shown in our childbirthing classes, but I do not want to watch anymore. My friend is the complete opposite. She knows every little detail and has been reading anything she can get her hands on.


Kiddolebel - February 7

Best advice I can give on labor...go into it with an open mind. Anything can happen. Just relax and know the you WILL get through it and that there is a wonderful bundle waiting for you in the end to hold and love.


mel - February 7

i think you have the best approach to it. make yourself knowledgeable, but don't get anything set in stone inside your mind. becuase L & D is one of those things that very rarely works out the way it was supposed to. go into it wide-eyed and embracing every little detail of it, because it really is over before you know it and you'll spend the rest of you life reliving the memories (whether they are good or bad). that's why women are so eager to share their L&D stories. it truely is the most amazing thing you'll ever experience!!!


Alycia - February 7

I haven't given birth yet, but I think you're on to something about not knowing all the nitty gritty details. I think sometimes we get too wrapped up in them and expect our labors to go exactly the way they're "supposed" to, and that almost never happens. As Kiddolebel said, maybe it's best to go into it with a completely open mind - you'll have a care provider with you to worry about the details.


Kiddolebel - February 7

Well put ladies =)


Girl Gilly - February 7

With all the talk of birth plans I asked my Dr. his approach and thoughts to birth plans. He does not like them for the reason that the word "plan" seems to mean "written in stone". He said he has an approach to labour that focuses on what will be best for me and baby. If I need pain medication I will get it, if I am doing ok without then we don't need it. I felt very rea__sured by his att_tude. I have never had a baby. He has four of his own and had delivered hundreds of babies - I feel very comfortable leaving some of the decisions up to him. My friend insists that I make up a birth plan and hire a doula to enforce my rights. It is one area where we don't agree. The only thing I feel strongly about is that I want to b___stfeed the baby just after it is born. I have read there are so many benefits to this. Earlier in the pregnancy i was freaked out by the thought of labour. Now, I find I am not scared of the pain so much as I am scared of how long I will be in pain.


Kel - February 7

We are watching a video in our birthing cla__s tonight - I'm not excited. I'm sure it will make me more scared! I wasn't scared of labor to begin with, but these cla__ses seem to tell you EVYERTHING and I'm like oh my gosh......I hope to just go in with an open mind as I know everyone's experience is different and hope for the all of us that it is an easy one :-)


Marlene - February 7

I have read alot on l&d but that was prepregnancy(I just find giving birth to be very interesting) so I have a lot of knowledge on the subject. I also took a birth cla__s and have a birth plan. The birth plan was mainly for my coaches in case they forget the things that i want and dont want they have something to refer to. Also I'm going into it w/a open mind I know that anything can happen.



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