Preparing My Other Babies For Bella My Pets

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waitngformyangel - October 25

i have pets at both of my parents house. a hyper-active dog and FAT lazy cat at my moms. the cat im not worried about when bella arrives. she just might be a little jealous that all the attention is going to the but the dog worries me a bit. hes very playful and energetic.and always jumpy. how can i prepare the dog for the arrival of bella? lately hes been staying in the kennel outside. but its starting to get he stays in the kennel inside but when we let him out theres like no stopping him.and when you walk he'll always push on your back legs. i have jsut a greater concern about him as ill be staying with my mom the most after bella is born. at my dads i have no worry at all. i have a cat johnny [[who is a]] but she pretty much keeps to herself. the only time she really wants to be with me is when im sleeping so sh__l crawl under the covers with me. anyway im dragging on. just any advice on how to ''prepare'' my pets for bellas arrival would be greatly appreciated. thank you and god bless.


mrssolo - October 25

when I had ds I had a 1 year old dog. She was always the baby in the house. I was worried about bring baby home and what her response would be. The day before I came home from the hopital I had my mom and dad bring a wash cloth that had been in the hospital crib (bin) with my son, home and give it to the dog so she could get the smell of baby. When I brought him home I sat down with him and let the dog sniff him to see that was the smell on the wash cloth. She was great I think she just knew he was helpless and she was very good around him. once he got older she would always clean his face, yuck, but she never was too agressive with him. Now with this pregnancy I have a one year old dog again who has been the baby of the house and I will do same thing and hope all goes well.


mrssolo - October 25

Oh and don't worry about the cat just make sure the cat is never left alone in the babies room. It's an old wifes tale but it says the cat will suffocate the baby. I had a cat when I had ds and I have one know and it does worry me a little bit not because I'm worried about the cat trying to hurt the baby just they do love to snuggle with warm things and babies are warm and cuddly. I don't know about your cat but mine is fat and she could sit on a baby and suffocate it so. I know I sound crazy but just my opinion. My cat sits on the dog all the time and I worry she might suffocate her, lol.


Buffi R. - October 26

You could also get a crib tent to help keep the cat (and even the dog) out of the crib. It's something we got with our first baby, bought it at Babies R Us. It's a mesh canopy that attaches to the top rails of the crib and unzipps to get the baby in & out. It's held up by pole arches just like a camping tent. For the dog, I saw on a TV show once where a dog trainer was working with an expecting couple. She had them tug on the dog's ears and tail, and mess with its food dishes a little while it was eating, then give a treat. She said this will teach the dog that behavior like that from the baby later on is OK.


mrssolo - October 26

Buffi I never thought about the tent. I see them in babies r us all the time and always wondered why you would put one on the crib, lol. Now I see why. It is just a freak worry of mine.


tish212 - October 26

I woul say relax... pets have an uncanny sense of how helpless babies are. ihave done foster care for years and I have 2 cats and a oldest cat would "guard" the babies...he would get on a shelf above the crib and watch whenever someone came in the room...he never got in the crib when the baby was in dog would just sniff the babies and walk away...she used to jump and run all th time but when u were holding the baby she would remain perfectly calm....the baby cloth before baby comes is a good idea and highly recommended to accustom ur dog to the new scent....u do however have to remember to still give ur pets attention.... don't worry though it will be ok :)


Buffi R. - October 27

Another thing that's handy about the crib tent is you can put sheets or blankets over it to make it darker inside the crib if your baby (or toddler) doesn't sleep well with any light in the room. I started doing that when my son was about a year old and it was so much easier to put him down for naps during the day.


LindaE - October 28

I have three dogs and have started preparing them for the changes. All of my dogs are indoor dogs that have been accustomed to snuggling on the couch with me. I have 2 large and one small dog. Im not really worried about the dogs being aggressive with the baby but I do know that I will need more space. I have stopped letting the big dogs on the couch. (I just can't resist the little one and there is plenty of room for her). I also have set up baby gates to keep the dogs confined for when the baby is playing on the floor. I have already started getting them used to this seperation so it won't be so stressfull when the baby is really here. ALl of my dogs are pretty well behaved so really for us its just preparing them for the separation. AS far as waitingformyangels dog situation. I would recomend that you start right away training the dog not to jump- This could be a big problem when you are carrying your baby. I highly recomend that you read the following article: w w w kerryblues dot info/WDJ/BABY dot HTML


DaBonkElsMe - October 30

It sounds like your dog might be a little lacking in training. You can teach most dogs to be calm while they are indoors. Even themost energetic and playful dogs can learn that you are the master and that certain behaviors are unacceptable in the house. It sounds like he is in the kennel most of the time and is then hard to control in the house. If I were you, I would get abook on dog training and start teaching the dog acceptable indoor behavior. It's never too late to teach them. It may seem like a daunting task, as I am sure it's hard to even get him to listen to you, but with the proper techniques, just about any dog can learn basic manners very quickly!!



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