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gina143 - January 24

Im having alot of pressure.. down low. Like the groin area... I have to pee every 10 mins. It feels like the baby is sitting on something like the cervix and bladder.. Once in awhile Ill get a pain in my butt. Its so uncomfortable to walk, it feels like hes gonna fall out (I know he aint) My hips hurt... just everything down in that area is uncomfortable. Its been like this all week... Will it ease up anytime soon? or stay like this till I deliver?


shannon5980 - January 24

I know exactly how you feel gina. I have been having the same exact feelings for a week or so now also. Well the hip pain has been alot longer. I went to the doctors yesterday and he said I am 2 centimeters dilated. My due date isn't until feb 10. How about you?


lunamoo - January 24

I am 31 weeks and feel like my pelvic floor is going to drop. It's sore too, like I have been on a long bike ride sitting on a little hard seat! I read in another post that a woman felt the same and her baby is breech. I wonder if mine is? I thought I might feel like this a week or so before my due date, not so early!


cyclemom - January 24

I feel your pain! I can't sleep at night because I keep getting sharp shooting pains all the way down in that area. I also get a lot of sciatia pain when the baby is really active. My baby is at station -1 (my Dr. said that's really low for this stage). I'm not due till the 14th,but I'm already completely effaced. My guess is that we will have to live with this pain until baby is ready to be delivered. My Dr. also said that having the baby so low will likely help during labor (which is great news for me because I'm going to try to do it natural). It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there with this pain. Good luck!!


lilnikki_0384 - January 24

I have been feeling the same way. But my baby is not breech, so please don't let that worry you. I am 38w4d. That is a good way to describe it, "riding a bike". I have been feeling this way since the beginning of third trimester. My baby has been head down since about 31-32 wks. Good luck to you ladies!!!


crystal74 - January 25

i am 35 weeks and i'm having the same pressure down there. it feels like the baby keeps moving down into my pelvic area and it hurts, plus i have to pee every hour and it comes out so slowly and hardly anything is there. but i am feeling the exact same thing as pains in my b___t and legs and it's very uncomfortable and a little painful to walk and get up and down. plus i started having mentrual like cramps since yesterday. they come and go. i see my nurse next thursday so we'll see what she says. but i'm sick of working even though it's a desk job. i'm ready to be done


gina143 - January 25

Im only 27 weeks... Isnt it too soon to feel like this? They did say that the baby is low.. head down when they did a v____al ultrasound to check the cervix.. which was shorter than a few weeks before. Im not sure what it all means... I have a 3 year old girl and she started comming at 28 weeks... I dialated to 2, and they stoped labor, and she came at 35 weeks... So im not sure if thats gonna happen agian. But the pressure I feel with this one (boy) Is something I didnt feel with her. Maybe hes big and heavy... Lastnight At work I had the worst backach EVER! I couldnt wait to get home and take a hot bath...


gina143 - January 26

well I went to the doctors... Ans the she felt the babys head.. I guess thats why I have the pressure.. but his head is not engaged. So thats good right?



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