Pressure In Your Vagina

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Amber M. - July 29

I am 33 weeks, and have a pressure in my va___al this a sign of the baby dropping?


chris - July 29

yes i have had the same feeling and sometimes it happens when i go to the bathroom..i guess from baby dropping


Amber M. - July 29

Is the baby supposed to be dropping this early? How far along were you when you felt this?


Brandi - July 29

I have the same problem but, Im only 22 weeks. This freaks me out. Its so much pressure and everyone says it is normal.


miranda - July 29

I have it too. I am 33 weeks and found out that the baby just switched to head down in the last week. I'm not sure it means that the head has dropped into the pelvis, though.


Amber M. - July 30

could it be from doing squats?


hp - July 30

Does it feel like something squeezes your ureters, makes you wanna go pee? I'm 31 weeks, and I feel this kind of pressure. Is it a sign of baby dropping ?


nicole - July 30

I know how you all feel I had that same feeling early in my pregnancy but Im 38 wks along and it has gotten a lot worse I feel like im going to go on my self. But it started when I was about 32 wks!


Amber M. - July 30

No, it doesn't make me feel like i'm needing to pee, it's actually not inside, but at the's just an annoying pressure when I walk around. Who knows! Thanks guys for all your help!


miranda - July 30

Amber, I have just read that it is excellent to do squats during pregnancy, it will help a lot with labor. As for the pressure, I don't think it's from squatting because I haven't really starting doing any squats and I have it, and it's getting worse the further along I get.


Staci - July 31

for me, its when he strethces and bangs into my bladder. which hurts.. but at least its only now and then... though i also feel a heaviness in my pelvis, especially when i stand up. the dr said its cause his head is there. which seems normal, Id think!



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