Pressure When I Pee

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starlight_94 - January 17

I am 36 weeks today and for the past few days, I have had this pressure when I pee. Its almost as if as soon as I go, someone pushes on my cervix. I dont know if its normal or not, but I figured I would ask. Its just really weird and a little uncomfortable!


MB - January 17

Hi, I am almost 36 weeks too and i am starting to get the pressure thing too, not so much when i pee but everytime i have been the bathroom i feel like i havent even been. If i spend quite a bit of time walking around the house etc... i feel like a hand is going to pop out at any minute! he feels really low sometimes but yet i am still not getting any relief from the rib kicking either !!! I will find out if he is engaged on thursday. I would say what you are experiencing is normal but it wont hurt to mention at next appointment too !!!


jayme2365 - January 17

Hi..I've been having that same pressure for a few weeks now. Sometimes it feels like im not gonna make it to the RR in time. then when i do go to takes a few sec to start coming out. All my friends had the same im pretty sure its normal..just uncomfortable!!


Bailey2786 - January 17

i have the same thing also! first I thought it might be a UTI.. but its not.. doc said it was normal! :)


cindernar - January 17

I'm only 29 weeks and I'm already having that! My other son was not that low. I'm in for a rough few months...


HEATHER - January 17

yup, having it for a couple weeks now im 33 wks, its BH's.


tysonsbaby - January 17

i am 34 wks and i am having the same problem. i even get aching in my v____al area when i pee , sometimes there is so much pressure i almost feel like crying. is this normal.


mamagoose - January 17

I've got it too, it's normal. My doctor recommended trying to lift up or support your lower belly and lean back a bit when peeing, to help take the pressure off your bladder and urethra. Its been working for me, it makes it much easier to pee!



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