Preterm Labor Not Even 30 Weeks

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kendra.marie - April 28

hey everyone. as alot of you know Friday i went into preterm labor. i was 29 weeks 6 days pregnant. as of today im 30 weeks 2 days pregnant (Still!!!) i was very scared so since April 20th i've been losing my mucus plug; Friday i was at work & i had braxton hicks which turned into actual contractions i went to labor & delivery. they had me hooked up to machines (id have one contraction every minute for like 15 minutes; then i wouldn't have any contractions for 45 minutes then id have alot really close again. well they did tests one called a protein test(to determine if there is a protein present by your cervix meaning you will deliver within the next 2 weeks (or where at least you'll go into labor)) well guess what it came out borderline-meaning it would be more like 2-3 weeks when ill go into labor. they also did a UTI; yeast infection & some other tests. comes back i have a UTI which is extremely weird considering nothing bothers me?. but who knows right? well finally after 4 1/2 hrs at labor & delivery i was sent home my contractions had nearly stopped & things seemed to be going alot better. they gave me a prescription for my UTI i went & got that & has a pleasant night sleeping my little heart away. i was released on normal but cautious conditions & activities. so im still very pregnant but its one scare that almost had me dying (i want my son here but jeeze not now.!!! he wasn't even 3/4 the way baked yet.)


kay101 - April 28

The fetalfibronectin test doesn't actually mean you WILL go into labor in the next 2 weeks. That's aweful if they didn't explain that to you. If it comes back positive it puts you at an increased risk (16%) for going into labor within the next two weeks. A lot of things can also produce a false positive, such as having s_x or an internal exam recently. They'll probably repeat the test at your next appointment. The negative result is what is much more reliable. If it were to come back ngative there's about a 99% a__surance that you won't go into labor within 2 weeks. I know the first time I called my doctor thought I probably had a bladder infection (I didn't) but a UTI can majorly aggrivate contractions. They'll probably go away, not totally since some are normal, once your meds have a chance to run their course. Drink loads of water and stay off your feet.


kendra.marie - April 28



buckeye74 - April 28

kendra, i was just at l&d for preterm labor as well. i am 32 weeks. it was very scary. they were able to stop my ocntractions with meds. i had no infections or UTI's so they don't know what caused the labor. luckily my baby didn't come. glad to hear they were able to get yours under control too!


austynsmommy - April 28

I went into preterm labor with my son at 26 weeks. I had to have a shot to stop the contrations a couple times before I had him at 37 weeks. I was on bed rest from 26 weeks which is not fun. Good luck


disko love - April 28

hey kendra... I've also been under a strict doctors care for preterm labor. I had and still have contractions everyday and I've been on terbutaline to help control them. The first time I failed my nst test which I seem to fail every week (fingers crossed for this weeks test!) they put me on magnesium sulfate and that sucks. Now the last two weeks I have been getting a weekly shot of terb and sent home with pills to take every four hours. I've been on bedrest for three weeks now and I'm 31 weeks pregnant. I know how you feel about wanting to keep that precious baby of yours in there for as long as possible. Like Kay said the best thing is to drink lots of water cuz this does seem to help control the contractions and keep those feet up as much as possible. Keep me posted on how you are doing. If you've got a myspace you can find me on there at myspace dot com/diskolove if you wanna send me a friend request I'll add you ... keep positive and relax. ;^)


kendra.marie - April 28

disko love i tried to add u but i need ur name or email. ill just message you(nope wont let me do that either.) do u have msn or anything? my email is ilovestrad at yahoo dot com so go to myspace dot com/x_kendra add me use my email =]


kay101 - April 28

Are we playing the myspace game? I wanna play! LOL mine is I'm a June mommy but I'm a traiter and my son will be here in May :P


ejmeskan - April 28

GOOD LUCK KENDRA!!!! I know it was SO irritating to me when I went into preterm labor with my 1st pregnancy and everyone was like...oh don't worry you will be fine but I just wanted to give you some hope...I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks with very similar symptoms to you. I was 80% effaced at 30 weeks. The fetalfibronectin test came back that there was no protein suggesting the possiblitiy of labor. I with rest and relaxation I actually carried to 39 weeks...I remember every week I made it I would think...OK just a few more hopefully the same will be true for you!!!! Good luck!


disko love - April 28

okay kendra well i added you on myspace.... der i totally forgot that you needed my email ... sorry.


kendra.marie - April 29

ejmeskan- thanks hunni i have some hope. my daughter was here at 32 weeks 5 days; so they expected me to go in early im 30% enfaced not dilated still very closed (or was when i was there friday; but im starting to feel like its open a bit? i guess ill ask my dr thursday when i go for my recheck. lol. disko- okay i accepted you. kay- i already added you lol.


ejmeskan - April 30

Well keep us updated even though I am only 16 weeks and peaked in the third I am interested! :)



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