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shelly - November 11

I'm a first time mom and getting ready to register for my baby shower next week. I was hoping to get some advice from moms who already have children, what are some of the items that you are glad you have and couldn't live w/out? What are some of the things they tell you to register for that you don't really need? Thanks!!


abc123 - November 12

When I registered for my shower I made a huge mistake, I registered at Babies r Us and at Target. Most of the things that I really needed were at Babies R Us. But most people went to target, so I got a ton of clothes and a ton of blankets (none that I registed for). Neither of which I needed. So.. my advice is to NOT register at two places!!!


tracy - November 12

we had problems with our registry too - we registered for all kinds of things we really needed but ended up getting lots of clothes - of which we already have tons. that said, we registered at Babies R Us because you can purchase online and view it online which is kind of cool. you don't really need to register for clothes, receiving blankets and toys as those are things people will get for you anyways - register for stuff like the carseat, baby swing, bouncy chair, playpen, bedding, ooh and diapers. that's something you'll definately need lots of! do you know the s_x of your baby? do the guests know? we're having a girl, and everybody knew, so that probably explains why the ladies all went nuts getting us baby girl clothes instead of what we registered for. good luck!


shelly - November 12

Thanks ladies. I am only going to register at babies r us because they do have all the same things at target and it does get confusing. I am having a boy, and hope that everyone dosen't buy baby clothes. My sister in law has a 1 year old boy and gave me all his clothes so I have tons!!


Christy - November 13

Well, I just had my baby 11/7 and LOVE the swing, bouncer chair, and Diaper Genie. You need a good changing table (it's like the baby's home away from home) and changing pad and cover for the table. I requested wipes and diapers, and I got a ton, which is coming in very handy right now. Burp cloths and recieving blankets are great to have, and I go through sleepers like they are going out of style. Some people may disagree, but if you are planning on b___stfeeding, a glider is nice. Of course, you will need a car seat. I got a Graco Metrolite travel system and I like it so far. I haven't used the stroller yet, but I can't wait to try it out. Lastly, I registered at Babies R Us and I was really pleased with their customer service. I got gifts from other places and I could take them to Babies R Us and they would take it back if they stocked the item. If they didn't, they knew where it was from so I could return it to the appropriate place. Good luck- just remember, you can return a lot of this stuff if you aren't sure about it.


kate - November 20

wow - same with me! i registered for all the things we really NEEDED, but got next to nothing - mostly clothes we didn't need! so a month before Baby arrived, hubby and i went out to buy the things i'd wished everyone else had bought! :) sounds rude, i know, to be so ungrateful, but for months everyone was asking what we needed and where we'd registered, and those same people didn't even bother with the registry. oh well..... things we LOVE: baby tub that fits over/in sink - NOT the one that converts into a toddler tub too - it broke in two places, was awkward, and frankly, we hated it. we love the inflatable turtle tub we got at Target - "Just One Year" makes it. That has been so wonderful now that she is too big for the baby tub but too small for us to want her in the big tub all alone. Changing table - waste of money. Used it like twice, then it became a storage compartment. we changed her on our bed - which brings me to another necessity we loved - lap pads (changing pads). Awesome! love 'em. We love our swing, we love our bouncy seat, we hated the portable fold-up swing. we love our Graco travel lite table chair - snaps onto restaurant tables in a jiffy so Baby gets her own clean seat and tray to eat off of. we didn't get any diapers for the shower, but every time we went to Walmart or Target, we picked up a pack. Our "stock" lasted us over a year and was PRICELESS to have! okay, that's it....i could ramble on and on....


Kristin - November 20

I ran into the same problem. I am due Dec. 8 and had my shower the middle of October. I rushed around like a mad woman trying to register and like only 1 person got me anything from the list. It seemed like a total waste of time. People got me what they wanted to get me. I did however put on the bottom of the invitations "Diapers are appreciated" and that worked out really well. Including other gifts they would get me a package of diapers too. Which was nice, cause I KNOW I will need those.



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