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josie4 - November 6

It's 6:30 am and I've been up since 2 am. They started as bad cramps, about 6 mins apart, but quickly changed, and got closer. The contractions are intense, and don't feel anything like what I expected. They are 3-4 mins apart now. I've had at least 6 bowel movements since I woke up and I've lost a lot of mucous (lost a lot yesterday, too).


emfine99 - November 6

Good luck! I am hoping to go sometime this week, by the way I'm feeling I can just see labor around the corner! Hope it happens for you soon!


alirenee86 - November 6

Good luck josie!! You're there it sounds like! Are the intense contractions you're feeling that much different from the false contractions or braxton hicks? Or is it the same feeling, just a lot stronger?


Anathi - November 6

Hope and pray for you josie! So how many weeks are you?


josie4 - November 6

Hi ladies! Things are moving along nicely. I had bloody show and the midwife should be here shortly. (I'm having a homebirth.) These contractions are getting quite close and very intense. Alirenee, they are very different from BHs. The start as a hard, sharp ball of pain at my cervix and spread upwards, whereas BHs were just a tight pressure all over my stomach. Thanks for the well wishes, I'll keep you all updated! I'm 39 weeks 3 days, btw.


alirenee86 - November 6

I'm glad so far so good josie!! I'm 39 weeks today!! That makes me excited that mine might be right around the corner too though I was only 1cm last week. I have a dr appt today and hoping I progressed a little. Wow, I wonder how a home birth is. Is this your first? It's my first but I'm going to the hospital. I'm excited for you! Boy or girl or you don't know?


sarah21 - November 6

Ahh man you gave me chills. Good luck!!!! How exciting!!!!!


jessieb - November 6

congrats josie! I can't wait to hear news of the arrival!!! wonderful! I thought I was going last night but again, just BHs.


josie4 - November 7

Hey ladies! My little man was born yesterday afternoon. Everything was perfect, I'm going to write the birth story now!!!!



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