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J - October 28

I am 31 weeks pregnant and I have a problem. I have a bad stomach ach. I think it is becasue I can't go to the bathroom. Any advice?


Lesley - October 28

Eat prunes. If you don't like them then try a couple of gla__ses of pure orange juice. You can't take any kind of laxative tablet when you are pregnant so the only option is foods that make you go. If you suffer too bad then you should see your doctor.


GD - October 28

You should also try, foods that are high in fibre. For example buy reisin bran cereal or the new toast they have as well. Also what i find it works is yougurt with prunes or raisins. If this doesn't work or it gets worse check with your doctor.


Steph - October 28

You actually can take Milk of Magnesia - my doctor had me take it when I couldn't go. It was around the same time you are too. If you are constipated you could develop a hemerrhoid from all the pressure too - I did. If you do, you need to get "Tucks Pads" to keep yourself clean with the witch hazel in them - it will help it not get infected - also don't strain yourself for a bowel movement - that could create a non existent hemerhoid to come out and be very painful. Good luck - I got the Milk of Magnesia and just took 2 tablespoons which did it for me and I was able to go later that day - it did take a couple hours though. Good Luck and let me know how you are doing.


J - October 28

I woke up last night with it and I thought of all places McDonalds would make we go but no luck. I will see how I start to feel after lunch and call the doctor if it doesn't get better soon! Thanks for the advice


jackie - October 28

haha i was going to suggest McDonalds cuz that ALWAYS does the trick! But prunes, oatmeal and such work well too....


J - October 28

Thanks for all your advice. I feel some what better but not 100% yet! Hopefully soon! Thanks for all the advice.


Kerri - October 28

I live in Canada and I had the same problem. I started eating President's Choice Extra Raisin Raisin bran cereal and man ever since just shortly after I get to work in the morning I have to go really bad and it seems to keep everything more on the loose side.



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