Producing Milk Early

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jujulbee98 - March 28

ok, ive looked everywhere on this site and cant find someone who has already asked this question.... im 38 weeks right now and ive been putting out a lot of clear liquid for several weeks now off and on, then the thick yellow and now for the past few days its regular milk i think. i keep forgetting to mention it to the dr but has anyone else had this happen? i heard that it takes a day or so after baby is born to have your 'real' milk come in but then what the heck is this?? and my br___ts havent even gotten any bigger, they have shrunk thru the whole pregnancy! someone please give me some insight and tell me im not the only one!!!


newlywed0915 - March 28

hmmm... I"m 27 weeks this Saturday and started leaking at 24 or 25 weeks. Colostrum though..not actual milk... check with your doc if you're worried...but I've heard this is quite normal. You're so close to having the baby!lucky you! :-)


joy28 - March 28

Hi, I started leaking at about 24 weeks too. It happened for a few weeks, then stopped. Now I'm 2 days away from due date and it's started again! Breast pads help avoid some embara__sment!


krissy2006 - March 28

I have also been leaking clear-white milky substance since about 20 weeks. This is my first. Is it yours?I think you should rest a__sured that its colostrum. Your body knows what its supposed to do and when and like Joy said b___st pads should help immensely. :)


jujulbee98 - March 28

thanks! all of the friends ive talked to have said they didnt get anything till after baby was born, so you guys made me feel normal! :o) good luck to you all!


DDT - March 28

I started leaking at 17 wks (2nd pregnancy). At first it was clear, then yellowy, and now most of the time it has a really white colour to it. I am 30wks now and still leak alot! I have to squeeze my b___bs regularly to relieve the build-up of milk. With my 1st pregnancy I started leaking at 20wks but not nearly as much as I leak now.


Faye84 - March 31

hello! its normal! You have colostrom coming out. Your milk wont come it until 3-7 days after having the baby! I had the same issue with my first! Make sure to get the b___bie pads, they help alot!



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