Projectile Vomit

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angelinakai - September 22

I know this is soooo gross, but last night i started having pretty strong contractions and then i started having a terrible stomach ache and I projectilve vomitted all over my bathroom. then i had diarrhea too. then i had contractions tha were 3-6 mins apart all night. and now this morning, nothing. dahhhh its so frustrating. has anything like that happened to anyone. i knew that you could get sick, but it was like a scene from the exorcist or something.


Tory1980 - September 22

What have you eaten? Sounds more like food posioning to me! I know labour can bring on sickness and loose BM with contractions but once it starts it usually continues. I would get checked over. I had food posioning at 19weeks and was getting contraction then due to the spasms in my stomach. Doctor said to be careful it didn't put me into pre-term labour.


angelinakai - September 22

I ate some chinese food... maybe it was that. I am 1 day overdue, so I hope that those contractions come back soon! I didnt think that vomiting like that was normal! it was crazy.


HeavenisMine - September 23

It sounds like you had some bad chinese. I got horrible stomach pains and contractions after eating something that didn't agree with me, I got very sick, no projectile stuff though, but it's all the same. Anyway if they stopped it's likely not labor, but you're so close who knows? I hope it happens soon for you!


angelinakai - September 23

Its so crazy... I have been having contractions 3-7 minutes apart on and off for 4 days now. The dr is giving me cervadill tomorrow and inducing Tuesday morning, thank God!


Tory1980 - September 23

Angel, not long then. Tuesday! Hopefully there won;t be the need for a proper induction and the cervadil will put you into proper active labour with you already having fairly regular contractions. Good luck and congratulations in advance!!



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