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Leslie - September 28

What does it mean if they test your urine for protein and you test positive for it.


ashley - September 28

good question. I'd like to know too.


Matt - October 7

Difficult one, I am trying to find a definitive answer for that one to. I know that if the levels are high and it involves swelling etc then you have to be aware of pre- eclampsia. Best to speak to your doctor or mid wife if you are worried. Don't panic though, if it was serious I am pretty sure they would have acted on it v quick


Sabrina - October 10

Protein in the urine is a sign that your kidneys are under too much stress, and they are basically starting the shut down. Often related to high blood pressure, if you kidneys become severely damaged, yo cna't elimiae toxins properly and can become toxic (eclampsia). Beause they check each visit, when they first find it, they will look at the level to determine how severe it is. That is why if it occurs close to the due date, they may induce.


kf - October 10

My doctor told me the exact thing Sabrina said. I was having symptoms of preclampsia so they kept checking my urine for protein but it was always - so they haven't been too concerned


Jennifer - November 1

I am 39 weeks as of 11/02/04 and i tested positive for protein in the urine. They rescheduled me for another appointment today (11/01/04) and there is still protein in my urine. They told me they would check me again 11/04/04 and if there is still protein in my urine then they will probably induce me! I signed on to this website hoping to find out more about protein in the urine..they really didnt explain to me in detail whats happening! anyone with more detail information????


k - November 1

Jenniffer read up on preclampsia and toxemia.Protein in your urine is a symptom of this and puts the mother and baby in danger. Your blood pressure will usually rise and cause problems for the baby, also you can have kidney failure like Sabrina said.


Brandi - November 3

Oh I see now, I actually found this doing a websearch of protein in urine. I am only almost 27 weeks. This is actually my 3rd but never had this happen. But today they said I had protein in my urine and so they asked about swelling (which for me just started the last day or 2). I guess that would be why they mentioned my b/p. It was normal today but had been elevated Friday. They also want me back in a week.


Ellen - November 5

Protein in urine is a sign of pre-clampsia/eclampsia and Diabeties but is not a guaranteed sign. Some people naturally have protein in their urine at higher levels than others. My husband has been tested for Diabeties a number of times for this reason but it has always been negative. When his sister was pregnant they thought she had gestational diabeties due to the protein they found in her urine but after finding out there is a family history of protine in the urine they were able to rule out diabeties after some futher testing...


angella dacosta - November 8



Jean - November 11

I am 37 weeks pregnant and I have just tested positive for protein in my urine, high blood pressure, rapid weight gain,(8pounds in 4 days), and ma__sive swelling. I know I have preeclampsia, but they are not doing anything about it yet. I am told to relax on total bed rest, but that is quite difficult when I do not know what is going on with the baby. I will get test results back on Monday, and hopefully they will induce or do a c- section then.


SABRINA - November 26



Rachel - November 26

i had pre-eclampsia too when i was pregnant. i went to the labor and delivery because it is bad for the baby and myself so they delivered my son a.s.a.p.... so my advise to you is go to labor and delivery and tell them so they can take your baby out


Rachel - November 26

also if you would like to know my full story about pre-eclampsia then you can e-mail me at [email protected]


Mariela - November 27

I was also told that i had some protein in my urine a couple of weeks ago, but since my blood pressure was normal and i didnt have any swelling or any other possible signs of preeclampsia then they werent worried about it. Im sure if they thought something was wrong they would tell you right away if not and ur still concerned just ask the doctor to see whats up.


Jeannie - December 2

Well it turned out to be a freak thing! They did alot of blood work and a 24 hour work up of my urine, and everything is fine. I am now going into my 41 week, and hoping to go soon. Good luck everyone


Amanda - December 3

I am 16 weeks pregnant with protein and white cells in my urine.



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