Pubic Bone Pain And Overly Active Baby 12weeks To Go

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Kira_lynn - October 15

Well im 27weeks and i have the most active baby in history! On average i feel him 20-35 times an hour, im lucky if i get 2-3 hours during the day without feeling him. I also only get 2 hours or sleep then im up for an an hour with him. He's just started with the hiccups this weekend and man those are fun. My stomach just doesnt STOP moving (to the joy of others who like to feel and watch) I'm also experiancing pubic bone pain (know as Symphysis Pubis Diastasis) and it feels like someones kicking me in the crotch all the time. Great time!


chickiepoo9 - October 15

my girl i active as well not that active but once she gets going she doesnt stop and of course she loves to move right when i want to go to sleep! My pubic bone is killing me as well same thing SPD it runs in my family i dont no if it will work for you but i started sleeping propped up on the couch at about 5 month because when i lay down the pain in unbearable it really helps me alot


tish212 - October 15

I'm 29 weeks and my lo is playing soccor and kickboxing...and using my bladder as a punching bag in he kicks so hard it feels a foots gonna just pop out... I am dealing with severe hip pain and a pinched sciatic nerve... but occasionally my lo moves enough to offer me hubby loves feelin the baby kick... lol and I tell him as wonderful as it can get tiring when u can't sleep due to the roundhouse kicks to the intestines... :) oh and the hiccups...boy those r fun lol...


DaBonkElsMe - October 15

I know how you feel, my lo seems to be constantly moving around. At any given moment - if someone wants to feel him move - they just have to lay a hand on my belly for a mintue, and there he goes!! I also have the kicking in the crotch and even b___t! It's so weird, especially when I feel him in the front and back at the same time! I read that later in the third tri - in preparation for the big day - baby spends alot more time sleeping, so movement will begin to decrease. i am 32 weeks and so far, he's still going all the time, so we'll see. AND HICCUPS!!! - I swear he has them 3 or 4 time s a day!! I am trying to enjoy it now though, b/c once he's born, I'll never feel him this way again.


tish212 - October 15

yeah I do get the foot to the b___t kicks where it feels he may push his foot right on lo is a grouch I think if u put ur hand on my stomach he will kick it hard...and the other day I was babysitting my newphew who is a month old and my lo was trying to kick him while I was holding him.... if my kitty sits in my lap my lo will kick him constantly... I think they hve sibling lo only gets hiccups 2 times a day when I first get up and when I got to they r...well interesting...sorry to post twice so soon but I forgot to mention how grouchy my lo seems...hubby says the lo takes after me....



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