Pumping A Day Or Two After Giving Birth

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Jenn2 - June 5

I was wondering if its OK and possible to pump your br___tmilk the day you get home from the hospitial? I know most people probably dont, and I'm not even sure if I will feel like doing it. I am just curious if it is OK to do so (physically speaking)?


Emily - June 5

it is fine. when I had my dd, they weren't sure she was nursing well so they wanted to cup feed her also. They gave me the option to use formula or to pump and use b___st milk. I chose formula (which she didn't take, and then they decided she was getting enough b___stmilk by nursing) The first time I pumped was four days after my dd was born. I was just trying it out to see how it worked. A cousin of mine pumped form the day she gave birth until her twins were weaned. They were early and too weak to nurse so she pumped and the hosptial bottle fed them. By the time they were strong enough to nurse, they wouldn't switch to the b___st so she continued to pump and bottle feed them b___st milk. So it is perfectly aceptable to pump as soona s feel up to it....


Nita_ - June 5

from what I heard(& remember!) from my b___stfeeding cla__s, you should pump after the baby has been fed. Never before. Ans also its better to have the baby b___stfeed for at least a month rather than trying to introduce a bottle during that time. Of course everyone is different and every baby is different, so guess we just do whatever works best for us and the baby!


Ginny - June 5

When my milk came in, a pump would have been sooo handy! Physically, it would be very relieving. Also, my baby had a hard time latching on because my b___st was so full. I don't see any reason why you couldn't. And like Nita_ said, be sure the baby eats first.


Alycia - June 5

Actually, my local La Leche League recommends pumping a little bit before the baby latches on if you're engorged - it makes latching easier. I did this for a couple of days, but I never pumped much.


Atarahsmommy - June 5

physically speaking it is perfectly fine to pump, My neice was in the NICU and my SIL started pumping the day after she gave birth so that they could feed the colostrum and then her milk to her because she had to be tube fed, and it kept her milk supply up so that when she got out of the NICU she was able to b___st feed


mejjohnson - June 6

Hi Jenn2, I was pumping on the 2nd day after giving birth in the hospital b/c my son wouldn't latch on- it's very possible, it just makes your nips very sore if it's just colustrum- I just got my milk in yesterday (3 days after labor), and pumping has been successful for me. Good luck !!


angelbebe - June 6

Yeah, I agree that it's totally okay. Plus any nipple stimulation is going to help your uterus contract. I have been pumping a bit before feeding Paia as well. It helps get things going.



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