PUPPPs Rash Please Read

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Mommy_to_be - October 12

If there are any ladies out there who have experienced or are experiencing the h__l that is PUPPP rash...I'm curious...how bad did yours get...did it spread past your stomach? Are you having a boy or girl (it's apparently more common with boys)? How long did it take to go away? I'm just really confused...it's not that common, and occurs 70% of the time with male fetuses, and is more likely if you are overweight. I am not overweight and am having a girl, and I got it! Thanks for any responses.


andrea2 - October 12

Hi! I had it with my third pregnancy, which was a girl. I'm not over weight. I had it on my stomach. I thought it was from the pillow I was laying near my stomach. When I went to the doctors she told me what it was. It went away as soon as the baby was born.


flower.momma - October 12

I have had it with 2 pregnancies, a boy and a girl, and I am not overweight either. I had it for a while postpartum with my daughter. So far, in this pregnancy it has not gotten too bad, but in my first it was bad enough for them to induce me. I'm sorry that you have this, and I hope it clears up as soon as you have your baby girl.


Mommy_to_be - October 12

Thanks so much! I hope mine doesn't get too bad...did it spread rapidly immediately, or does it slowly spread until the end?


flower.momma - October 12

The first time it spread rapidly, then this time I have noticed a few little bumps, and it hasn't gone beyond that yet. I'm wondering if I just didn't notice them last time, or if it was just a different presentation. With my daughter I got a HORRIBLE case at 39 weeks, and wasn't ride of it 'til she was 2 months old, after a steroid shot. I would recommend getting a steroid shot right away postpartum, if it doesn't clear up within a week of two. I waited, and when I finally got one, I was so mad at myself for not doing it sooner!


Helene - October 16

Oh wow! You just scared the daylights out of me, flowermama! I started itching a few weeks ago and the doc said it was pupps, but he never mentioned anything about the possibility of it going beyond the birth or having to be induced. I never even considered that! What was it about yours that made it so bad that they induced you? BTW I am 34 weeks at this point. also I never heard anything about weight or the baby's gender causing it, but that is very interesting as I am actually overweight and am having a boy. Although I have only gained 14 1/2 pounds as of my last visi 2 weeks ago (I started out overweight). I really hope I am luckier like Andrea and it goes away right after he is born. I have been sick all througout my pregnancy and my biggest fear is that the reflux and vomiting wil continue for weeks after I give birth (although everyone else I speak to says it stopped after day 2) Imagine if both that and the pupps continue after I give birth - I may lose my mind!


babydreams - November 13

Hi gals, I'm 36 weeks and came down with PUPPPs about 2 weeks ago. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I had a bug bite on my belly, and by morning it had spread everywhere ... legs, wrists, scalp, even my eyes were swollen. This lasted for four days, then subsided, and then went away completely by day 5. I thought it was gone, but it came back again. I got it three days ago ... an itchy, burning outbreak all over my belly and sides. It looks really awful (in fact, I'm kind of worried I'll scare the nurses when I go inot labor!). Anyway, it's just awful and so uncomfortable ... but, there could be worse things to get ... like things that affect the baby. I'm happy that he's OK. Oh, BTW, I'm NOT overwheight and am having a boy (a big boy, actually!). I've read that large male babies are commonly linked to PUPPPs. Anyway, I hope you all are getting some releif from your rashes. Please write and let me know how it's going.


Jules1989 - July 3

Hello..OMG! i feel like dying this pupps rash is horrible & the thing that makes it worse is noone understand eg midwifes or doctors..I came up with swollen stretch marks on my belly with lumps all over them really itchy went to the doctors and she gave me a cream to sooth it just a moisture cream! i said it looks like pupps (as i looke don internet and read loads about it day before) she ddnt have a clue what i was going on about i felt so stupid she was asking me wat it was (hello shes the doctor shes meant to know) but anyway that cream didnt work went back the next day with a papers full on info about pupps to my doctor and he gave me steriod creams, and tablets (ones people take for hayfever) and camalmine lotion..& he said it will go in a few days nothing is working so i went to midwife explaining what it is..they said it was just a heat rash!! a bloody heat rash! they didnt understand and then took blood pressure and blood tests and sent me on my way. seeing consultant in 7 days!!!!!!! to speak about it but i can't take it anymore i am so down cant sleep..and reading about women who have been induced early i don't understand why they can't do that for me i am 38 weeks pregnant!! i have it all over my belly..then it went to my inside of my legs by my knees now its all over my bum, hips, arms, feet and thighs & legs...looks like bug bites! and merging together its getting worse and i hope it doesn't go to my b___sts as i want to b___st feed and wont be able to with it. also i have been using sudocream which has helped more than one of the steriod creams..but i am going mad here. how do i get someone to understand what pupps is? because they dnt no? & think im being stupid. i feel so upset about this..i want to be induced..now!! Oh and i'm having a girl (most women with pupps have a boy) so bit worried maybe they got the s_x wrong...?


mm28 - July 25

If your PUPPS rash doesn't go away with typical treatments, you might want to ask your OB to test you for cholestasis. That's what I had (after being misdiagnosed with a bad case of PUPPS), and since it can be harmful to the baby(ies), I had to take medication and deliver earlier than planned. Not to worry you, but just fyi. I hope you feel better soon!


MariaD - October 18

Hi Girls, I had puppp in my last pregnancy, so really feel for anyone who may have it. If you are on facebook, you might like to check out some puppp resources. One is a page called PUPPP-Remedies-and-Support. There are lots of posts about natural remedies for helping ease the symptoms and possible reduce or stop them. There is also a facebook group called PUPPPSupport


Aisha_25 - November 6

I have PUPPS. I developed it in my third trimester and 3 months post partum im still suffering from severe itching. Im not overweight and i had a baby girl. Antihistamines didnt work neither did any cream or lotion. The only thing that worked was steroids called prednisone - i took these for 6 weeks. Whilst i took them the itching went away but as soon as the course finished the itching is back. 



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