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bonnie1 - June 20

HI, i have just hit the 3rd tri, and getting all the things together, as i dont want to leave it to the last minute, and as the time has been flying, i want to get it underway..Can anyone let me know what they have bought so far for the newborn,, so far we only have a few all in one outfits, one cot set and the blankets,. but i know that we should have a lot more.. any suggestions


Tanya2 - June 21

I had a baby girl last year, and having another one this year. From what i recall a bouncy chair was a life saver, most babies tend to enjoy that some as early as 2 weeks old. They vibrate and most babies love them. An infant swing will be good as well, although my daughter did not enjoy that as much. Diaper pails really help and I really reccomend the Diaper Decor Plus, more expensive than the diaper genie but work so much better for both b___stfed and formula babies. They are much freasher and you can get that at Target or BabiesRUs. Newborn sleepers are very important since most people do leave newborns in sleepers all day since it is so comfortable. You will need one towel, thermometer, baby nail cutters since some are born with really long and sharp nails and might need a nail cut even on the first week, I know it is scary but it has to be cut so that they don't scratch themselves. Ofcourse you need newborn diapers, Pampers Swaddlers are good or even Huggies newborn. Don't buy too many of them, just enough because depending on the size of your baby, he'/she might outgrow it really quickly. The newborn diapers are upto 10lbs for babies. Vaseline for their bums, wipes. Hmm can't think of others right now, if i do i'll come back. Hope this helps. Oh yeah if you are planning on b___stfeeding a pump would be good since your b___sts will be so full the first week, you could pump a bit and store for as long as 3 months. Avent is a good brand for pumps and bottles, a soother will also help, Avent soothers are good too. Good luck.


Olivene - June 21

Hmmm. Bath stuff and b___stfeeding supplies or bottles depending on your method. A sling? Do you have a stroller yet? ou definitely need a carseat right away- do you have that yet? I have ben buying lots of little hats because mybaby will be born during the summer and I want to protect her head and eyes. I bought a waterproof pad- don't really love changing tables. Something for Baby to wear home. I hear you can never have enough bibs! Good luck. There's so much to think about. When are you due?


Olivene - June 21

A few more things I though of after I hit "submit"- these are things I still need or have just bought in the last week- a b___stfeeding pillow, a front carrier (Bjorn) a pillow ring thing for around the baby's head in the carseat or stroller, and a mirror that attaches to the headrest so I can see Baby while she's in her carseat and an outfit especially for photos.


dee23 - June 21

ontop of everything listed, we also bought infant panadol for when they are getting there immune shots(i think its tylanol in some countries), gripe water for when they are ga__sy, sudocream for when they get nappy (or diaper)rash. lansinoh cream for your nipples, to condition them before you give birth and for when you get cracked sore nipples while b___stfeeding. i also got fluid filled teething rings and teething gel cause that isnt too far down the track. also a nappy bag for out and about, pack n play, mat with hanging toys for them to lay and stare at, plenty of snuggle wraps and burp rags(we are using cloth nappies as burp rags). dont forget a nasel aspirator to suck out your babies snot and a medicine measurer, also a brush and comb, safe n sound anti-roll cushion, bath thermometre and a room temperature thermometre, also a good monitor that has a short range like 100metres to detect baby movement and sound, a cd player to play soothing music to your baby, a rocking chair, 'what to expect the first year' baby book will be great help for clueless situations, a tummy girdle for flattening your belly after giving birth and helping your skin to tighten....i a__sume theres alot more. the only thing we are missing at the moment are pictures to make the room look cute :)


livdea - June 21

One thing I've been told I can't live with out from a ton of people are sleepers! With the elastic or draw string opening at the bottom. They are great for quick changes at night, with out any snaps and confusion and they keep baby warm and feeling safe all in there together!


Tanya2 - June 21

Another very important thing to get is a humidifier, it helps keep the colds away. When babies are young and they get colds the docs don't prescribe anything but tell you to run the humidifier. So get that since it also helps prevent colds. Good luck. Oh yeah with your baby is about 3 months or so you can get an exersaucer and a little baby gym as they call it, babies usually love that as well, but it is not a neccesity when they are newborns. Wait till later on to buy it since you will have so much to get anyways.



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