Pushing On Stomach To Feel Baby Kick

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Trina - February 15

Does it hurt your baby to push on your stomach to feel her kick? I do it quite often cause i love to feel her kick my hand....but does that hurt her? Just curious...


BabyGirl - February 15

Hey Trina! Hmm thats a good question! Im not sure if it will hurt the baby , but i dont think so! iIm 29 weeks pregnant and i do it! I think my baby likes it cause she always kicks me back ,then i give her a nudge and she does back and so on! Just make sure your not going at it full force , just be gentle and im sure its okay!


jilly bean - February 15

37 weeks here and still pushing and playing with her, i grap at her little feet and elbows and everything as they come pookin out. i think its a game for them too almost. my husband plays with them too. when you pook at her she pooks back. he tells me this poor little thing is going to come out brused from us playing with her but she resposeds to being touched already its kinda hard not too....


Jamie - February 15

It didn't hurt my daughter at all. The only thing is, if they're not moving much, chances are they're sleeping, and you poking wakes them up.


Nicole - February 15

When I was at the doctor's for my 28 week checkup he pushed my hands down pretty hard on my pelvis so I could feel my little guy's head! He even rubbed my hands back and forth so I could get a better feel of the shape of it! I personally can't bring myself to push down on my belly as hard as the doctor did, but obviously he would know if we were hurting him, so I'm sure pushing on your belly is just fine.


Kel - February 15

My doctors pushes way hard than I ever would to check her position, so I'm guessing it is just fine. If it doesn't hurt you, then I am sure the baby is well.


yungmama - February 15

I am 27 weeks and when I poke at my belly the baby stops moving. He doesn't seem to respond by kicking back. Is this normal? Everyone I talk to says they can get the baby to move by poking.


Katie - February 15

Im almost 29 weeks and I poke all the time. My fiance didn't like me doing it at first cause he thought it would be scary for the baby. I was like no way and he says uh dont you remember the seen from the blair witch project when the kids were in the tent and whatever it was outside kept poking their tent? It's probably like that. I thought that was the funniest thing but then I think about and yes that could be alittle scary:) But anyway to yungmama Im sure everyhting fine my baby doesn't kick back all the time when I poke. but if your worried ask your doctor. As long as you feel the baby move throughout the day things shoould be fine.


MeM - February 15

When I asked my dr how often the baby should move, she said that to get him moving to poke him. So I'm a__suming it doens't hurt anything. :)


erin - February 15

To yungmama: With two of my three pregnancies, my babies did the same thing. If they are moving around lots and I would put my hands on my stomach to feel it better, they would immediately stop until I took my hands away! It must be some kind of game or something they play. I think they can sense when something touches your belly. Maybe they just have to get used to it. With my first he would only move for me and my boyfriend, if anyone else put their hands on me, or talked to my belly, he didn't move at all. Wonder how they know! But I thought that was sweet.


Kate - February 15

It won't physically hurt them - but you have to keep in mind that even in-utero babies have sleep and wake cycles just like us, so if you are messing with them, you could be setting yourself up for a fussy baby.


Trina - February 15

Thank you all for the great answers! I love feeling her kick as well. And it has sort of become a game. I can't wait to play with her in person!


Ba8y6irl - February 15

yeah my little girl doesnt push back when I poke either, she does move when I put both my hands on my belly, but the second my hubby puts his hand there she stops completely. I think its the different heartbeat that scares her...


Girl Gilly - February 15

My husband doesn't even have to poke. He often comes to bed later than me - just as I am about to fall asleep, puts his hand on my belly and says, " Okay, baby, I want to feel you move". And the darn baby starts moving and kicking - usually quite hard. After my husband plays for a few minutes he falls asleep and for the next hour+ I get to try and sleep with the baby going crazy! If I didn't have so many pillows to keep me comfy I would spoon up against my husband so he could feel it too - just for some payback! I don't think it hurts to poke the baby. I agree with the sleep cycles too - once in awhile probably doesn't hurt, but all the time could.


to Trina - February 15

I don't think so. The baby is protected by a pretty sophisticated system in there. It would take a 200-pound person kicking you hard in the stomach or a serious car crash to have a negative effect. I pushed on my stomach this morn after a nightmare to see if he was still okay in there. He is. :)



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