Q S About Stripping The Membranes

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Kiersten - November 28

Hi everyone! I hope you're all feeling well. I've got a doctor appointment today and am planning on discussing membrane sweeps and induction. I've tried just about everything but caster oil (yuck!) to motivate this babe to come. I'm 39 weeks and am in a bit of a time crunch for when he/she comes! What I want to know is what kind of questions should I ask her? I'm only 1cm dilated and 25% effaced, so is getting a sweep done now even an option? Does anyone have any experiences with it that they can share with me? I've read so many conflicting views on it. Some say that it was very painful and causes an infection and others have told me it just felt like a pap and they went right into labor, no problems. ?????? I'll discuss all my questions this afternoon with my midwife, but I was hoping you gals could shed some light and wisdom for me first! :) Thanks!


KRISTINA - November 28

For me it was a lot more uncomfortable than a PAP is, but it didnt give me an infection or anything. It hurts a bit, but its not unbearable. Trust me compared to labor, getting your membranes stripped is a cake walk. If you really want the baby out I would suggest getting it down and they should be able to do it for you if you are 1 cm dilated.


mrstj - December 6

Kiersten....any luck??? I'm curious to see more answers to your question....What is the earliest they would consider stripping membranes?


cattac - December 6

I dont think you're dilated enough if you're only 1- I could be wrong but that's not a very big hole to get a finger (let alone two) in. I got mine swept with both my past pregnancies- both I was at least 3 cm when done. It was uncomfortable but not painful. I know some people who told me it is painful- it just depends on you- everyone's body and pain threshholds are different. With my first pregnancy it was done 3 different times never worked. With my second I had it done and started having labor contractions a couple hours later. I think it will work if your body's ready for it to work.



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