Q To All Overweight Preg Women

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LIZ G. - June 3

I'm 10w4d and 40 lbs overweight. I have no health problems, but I worry a lot about the complications I might have with my baby. Like I heard (we) can't hear the heartbeat sometimes or see the baby on ultrasound or determine s_x of baby because of the excess fat. Well I mean its possible, but much more hard for the doctors. I know it varies on women. Can anyone please give me your input if you can relate? thank you ladies...


ES - June 3

I am also overweight by the charts but I am very active. I play raquet ball and saofball regularly and I walk and lift weights daily. So weight wise I shared your concerns. But stay active. Eat right and you should be fine. I am in my 33 week and I have had no problems amd minimal weight gain. No gestational diabetes, mo problems hearing the heartbeat and they were able to clearly see gender. I feel that if you look at this as a normal part of life and relax and try not to gain too much you will be fine. I was and am. Only now I am bigger and more uncomfortable than ever before. And I am retaining a lot of water.


LIZ G. - June 3

Thanks ES. I will do my best to stay active and I have already quit absolutely all fast food (makes me feel yucky) so I'm eating lots of fruits n veggies. I've only gained 2 lbs. in my first trimester. Best of luck to you!


Laura - June 3

I am also overweight, on week 40 + and truly miserable. I have been overweight ever since I was a kid, but I seem to do well during pregnancy. With my first child I gained 15 pounds, with my second (12 years later) I did not gain any, and with this baby I have actually lost 9 pounds since I became pregnant... yipee! It will be nice to weigh less and have a baby..:). I have had no gestational diabetes, they did have a little trouble seeing some things on the ultrasound because of my tummy pouch, but they were able to determine it's a boy! No problems hearing the heartbeat ever. As long as you stay active and don't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat extra you should be fine. PS. I was more than 60 lbs. overweight when I got pregnant.


jenn - June 4

well i have has no prob hearing the heart beat. in the beginning it was hard to do an ultrasound... it was always v____al until i hit 16 weeks. the only thing that i really had trouble with was when i had to have an amnio at 18 weeks cause the needle was barley long enough and they kept shifting my tummy around and let me tell you that didnt feel good. good luck to you all. by the way im now 31 weeks


Jbear - June 5

I think when you hear about problems with excess weight and pregnancy, they're usually talking about a lot more than 40 extra pounds. I weighed 285 when I got pregnant the first time, and 302 when my baby was born. There weren't any problems with seeing my daughter on the ultrasound, or hearing her heartbeat. I weighed 245 at the beginning of my 2nd pregnancy, and when I had an ultrasound at 18 weeks, the doctor couldn't determine the gender. I think that was because the doctor was doing the ultrasound, and not a tech who does ultrasounds all day long...I don't think you have much to worry about with your weight.


rachel - June 5

I started out overweight and so far everything is fine. I am at 30 weeks.


LIZ G. - June 7

Oh goodness thank you all! I feel much better! I'm will absolutely do my best... good luck to all.



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