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lana - August 1

hi ladies ive been reading some of these posts and i also have asqed some qestions before and the answers were very helpful....well im 38.5 weeks preg and im in pain my back gave out on me my feet and hands are very swollen and i have vey very low iron with this pregnancy this is my third.... i really dont want to be selfish but im ready to go my doc says that if i dont go by thursday shes sending me to the hospital to get induced my hubby is aliitle iffy aout this but im really hurting so i would love to go naturally do you guys have any advice what can i do to bring on labor im really scared of the inductoin part....any advice would be greatly appreciated....


Noams - August 1

HI Lana , I hope it all happens for you soon. I have read so many ways of helping labour on this site but I do not know if any work, here goes. Walking S_x Drink hot boiled water with 1/2 cup brown sugar. Evening primrose oil. Nipple stimulation ( I used this last time I am sure it helped me) Pineapple Eggplant Stay on you feet as much as you can. Hope this helps, Good luck let us know how it goes.


baby.ksh49.com - August 1

I think the only thing that I would personally suggest is s_x, nipple stimulation and walking. Not all at once. You can do 2 at a time....but please don't combine the walking with the other 2 options. *smile* Especially if in public. .... But anyways... Most other things you'll see will be something that will NOT work or can be harmful. I.E. castor oil. This will make you c___p for a year .... but does not actually bring on labor. Yes people try it and yes they go into labor ... but after week(s) of eating the nasty stuff. PLUS it's harmful to you. Will give you the poops so bad you can get dehydrated. Chemicals in ejaculate can soften the cervix. Nipple stimulation can cause your uterus to contract. PLUS orgasm causes the same contractions. (i said orgasm, not s_x) Good luck to ya.


Michelle - August 1

Yeah. I am in the mist of trying things myself. Nothing is working, yet. I have even been to the hospital with contractions that start over 5 days ago and are 2-4 minutes apart; only to be sent home. What fun!!! I am full term and the baby is roughly 9 lbs., so what gives. I have talk to my Dr. about augmentation and all I can get out of him is we will see next week. Dear GOD! I have been contracting with contractions that on the monitor at the hospital were in the 100 range for almost a week and nothing. Oh, to top this off my cervix is 50% effaced and 2-3 cm dilated, but no changes past this point. I think there must be some kind of tolerance test they are giving me to see how much I can take, but they don't want me to know that I am taking it. GO FIGURE!!! Oh, I have tried almost all the remedies Noams has suggested. I am to the point of going to get on my kids trampoline and see if that will get this baby out now. All I can do now is PRAY for myself and you!!!! Good Luck!


baby.ksh49.com - August 1

oh lord --- everyone picture that please !!!! A woman, 9 months pregnant, with a 9 pound baby jumping on the trampoline with her kids..... close your eyes and imagine .......... Did anyone else see mommy come down hard and the kids FLYING OFF? *laughs hysterically* If you do that, you be careful !!!! Don't need you falling off. Actually, not sure it's all that safe to be jumpin like that. Might come down to hard and jam something. not sure if you were kidding (cuz it sound like a good idea) lol -- but if you weren't be careful.



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