Qs About Gel Inducing

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jenna32 - November 26

anyone get geled to be induced? it's been like 7 hours since i did,starting to feel like it's not going to work!!i feel bad cuz like my mom took the day off and everything! will walking really help? i feel too sore to walk! Anyone have any other suggestions to help move it along?!


jenna32 - November 26

oh and anyone know the failure rate?don't think the baby wants to come out today!


Jilloh - November 26

not sure...but wishing you the best of luck


January - November 26

The baby won't come if your body isn't ready regardless of what they use. They used 6.5hrs worth of pitocin, 24hrs of cervadil and 8hrs of cytotek trying to get my lil one to arrive.. only after we stopped all attempts of inducing did she come and I went from 1cm to 10cm in 10min.. before that I'd been 1cm for over a week with no change at all during the induction.. hang in there.


DeeD - November 26

The gel is different and in my opinion far superior to the cervadil. I have been induced 5 times with the gel and went into labor within 6 or less hours with each of them. No complications.


jenna32 - November 26

thanks jill. well i was getting what i thought were more frequent contractions, i think i might have been wrong. is blood show and/or water breaking always happen to everyone?


BriannasMummy - November 27

They gave me the gel with my first.. THREE times.. and it didnt work.. not even slightly. I didnt have a contraction, nor did I get effaced or dialated. It just didnt work.. a friend of mine had one dose and it worked wonders for her. ~Kristin~


jenna32 - November 27

that's crazy brianna!Did you end up going into labor on your own or getting something else done? You'd think it'd work! i know my dates had to of been right, i definately know my last period didn't start after the 20th of february and when it did i spotted a bit. I called today,she wants to do another one friday probably,ahh wish me luck! i think it could have started to work at first because my back was really crampy and my stomach felt like a rock,could hardly move around and get up from sitting/lieing down too much! is that normal? i thought i was having contraction like pains later to but wasn't too sure if it was(it's my first baby).


Buffi R. - November 28

No, your water doesn't have to break or have bloody show to be in labor. With my first, neither happened until well into labor. I never did see my mucous plug so I can only guess when that came out, but I know my water didn't break until I was pushing at the end of labor. I think only like 20% of women have their water break spontanously at the start of labor or beforehand. Sometimes your doctor will break your water to help labor along during an induction, so you might have that done at some point.



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