Quest About Driving Long Distance

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KH - June 24

I'm 36 weeks and I can drive but it's getting pretty uncomfortable. My cousin is getting married on Sunday and I really want to go. My husband can't come and I would have to drive alone.... I didn't realize how far it was I guess (it's 100 miles each way). Should I reconsider going? What would you do?


KrisD - June 24

The book I have says nothing over an hour at that point... I would also take into consideration how far that would put you from your hospital. Personally, I don't think I would, but I am pretty wimpy. I am 7 months and had a bridal shower 100 miles away last weekend and all that driving really wiped me out. Not to mention, holding my bladder was pretty difficult. That's a tough one...


Kristin - June 24

Honestly, I wouldnt chance it! Anything could happen, you could go into labor or it could just cause some unneeded stress at this point. I would simply let your family know, and if you still not sure give your doctor a call. I believe anything over 25 is just not worth it, it puts you too far from your hospital!


BBK - June 24

KH, I saw a show on health discovery chanel and a woman went in to labor on the side of the highway. A state trooper delivered the baby and cut the ambilical cord with a pocket knife a pa__ser by gave him. There was an infection on the ambilical cord because of the knife but everything worked out in the end, baby took antibiotics and all was good..... come to think of it though it's not the best way to give birth! That show made made me rethink our July 4th travel plans.


Lynn - June 24

Check with your heqalth insurance too. They may not cover expenses incurred that late outside of a certain coverage area. My insurance specifically says after 27 weeks nothing will be covered outside of their coverage area or by non-participating doctors and hospitals.


Katharine - June 25

Insurance is my main determinating factor, too. Mine can opt not to cover a birth at a hospital other than the one I am registered at after 36 weeks and I was specifially told no travel after that point. We took our last family trip yesterday at the 3 week mark. Even though the trip was a little hard, I am already feeling trapped not being able to travel outside a three-town radius! I might take a trip early this week, just because I can!!!


KH - June 25

what insurance do you have?



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