Question About Quot Dropping Quot

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Ashley86 - November 2

I don't understand this whole "dropping" thing. On my appt on Tuesday my doctor checked and said the baby is dropped. But then when he did an internal my cervix was still long but he didn't say that changed anything. He said the labor usually comes within 1-2 wks of the baby dropping. Then I just heard from a friend of mine who has 4 kids, that if the cervix is long then they aren't dropped? So I don't get why my doctor would tell it dropped if it didn't? None of this makes any sense to me. So I guess I have 2 questions...does anyone know if it's possible for the baby to "drop" but the cervix be long? and the second question: for those who have had kids, how long after finding out you were dropped did you go into labor? I'm not too especially eager to go into labor, don't get me wrong, I'm 36 wks and 3 days right now, so he's not even full term yet...I was just wondering all this cuz I don't understand why the doctor would say he has if he hadn't? [dropped](...sorry if I keep saying he, I'm having a boy) I was perfectly content with waiting til my due date until he told me that, now labor is on my mind constantly. I wish he HADN'T said it.


izechsmama - November 2

with my first son i dropped early on.. i think it was probably 5 weeks before i had him.. and i was induced at 39 weeks... i think it differs for everyone... i dont think its accurate to say that means the baby is coming in 1-2 weeks...


AmberNicole - November 2

I don't think one thing has anything to do with the other. I dropped with my son weeks before going into labor. I'm 32 weeks with my little girl, and I feel like I've dropped this week.


alirenee86 - November 4

Well, I'm a little confused about that too. I'm 39 weeks this tuesday and as of last week at the dr, he told me he hadn't 'completely dropped'. So what the heck does that mean because the week prior to that he said the baby's head was pretty far down which made him think he may come sooner than later. 2 weeks later he tells me he hasn't dropped completely and you never can tell what can trigger labor contractions and mentioned possible induction. I'm so hoping that I do not need to be induced and I still have 9 days until my due date. I was 1cm dialated for 2 weeks as of last week...not sure what that means in terms of the cervix 'being long'. I haven't heard it like that, but I"m a__suming you're speaking of dialation?? I'm really hoping to be more dialated this tuesday when I go to the dr....You still have some time, so maybe he just meant that his head is down and in the right position, not necessarly completely dropped. I don't know and I don't think the doctor's know completely.



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