Question About Baby Detergent

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Rae - November 23

Do you think using All free and clear will be as easy on babys skin as using dreft or ivory snow? It seems it would be the same to me. Thanks for your responses.


jb - November 23

I just took a Newborn Care cla__s at the hospital. They said its fine to use regular detergents that are free of scents and things like that. So I think it should be fine.


lmrod55 - November 23

With our first kid we only used one bottle of Dreft because it was given to us as a gift...I never planned on purchasing that "special detergent"...we have always used Tide Free and have never had a problem with irritation to dd.


Jean - November 23

I just asked around about this also, and I heard Dreft is a ripoff - go for anything that is "free and clear" and you are fine.


To Rae - November 24

It really depends on your baby's skin. My nephew could only use Dreft, everything eles made him get a rash all over his body. You might want to test something before you wash all your stuff in it. Good luck!!!


Can I add to this question? - November 26

Can baby clothes be cleaned w/ our clothes in our regular detergent? I didn't realize there was special detergent for babys...


Stephanie - November 26

We bought the biggest thing of Ivory Snow and washed all of her clothes in it. Normally, I use Tide with Bleach, which I love, but think would be too harsh on a baby's skin. I think if you tested on piece of your baby's clothing with regualar deter., you could find out if he/she breaks out in a rash.


Ca__sie - November 26

Just remember that if you feel it is necessary to wash baby's clothes in Dreft or otherwise, you also have to wash everyone's clothes in the same detergent since you and your family will be holding her. If baby's skin is so sensitive that it needs Dreft, then you'll have to wash the entire household's clothes in it too.


dew - November 26

I'm sure it depends on the baby, but I wouldn't want to give my baby a rash or worse just to save a few dollars.I would rather be safe than sorry.


Jean - November 28

I get a rash from *thinking* about detergent, and Tide Free and Clear doens't bother me. I've tried the cheaper version, too, I can't recall it's name, but any that are free of perfumes and dyes have worked great and not irritated me at all.


Ellen - November 29

I just got Purex Baby. It was a lot cheaper and it smeels really good but I find that the fragrance may be abit too strong. Baby's not born yet so I don't know how it works.


Jean - November 29

Purex is what I was trying to think of - they make a free and clear Purex that is ultra cheap. I get it at Target.



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